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One of the most frequently asked questions here at Fastpitchwest is "Who is Sledgehammer?"

We can tell you that it's NOT the editor of Fastpitchwest, nor anyone officially affiliated with the website.  Beyond that, we'll leave it to you to determine.  We can tell you that he's got some of the best sources in the state when it comes to California fastball, and he's not afraid to call 'em as he sees 'em. 

Some excerpts from Sledgehammer's Rumor Central

"This ranking is for California Teams and their TRUE rosters. Picking up a player for one tourney doesn't make him part of your TRUE makes him a pickup. Get those guys for the full season and then you will receive the ranking you deserve."

"Many of today's owners and general managers are always so secretive, often times afraid of what people will think. Nobody wants to hurt anybody's feelings? How can feelings get hurt when someone changes teams. Are you no longer friends? As the competition level raises, teams begin to act more like professional organizations in their operation. Finding free agents and new pieces to the puzzle is a year by year act that's no longer seen as taboo."
"Fresh off the phone with a credible source who wishes to remain anonymous, I have gathered information that Team Rainey is alive and well these days. Reports have Rainey picking up a young pitcher from Latin America. I have agreed to keep the name quiet until I get an interview with Rainey front office people but if the rumor turns out to be true we could once again have some great fastpitch in 2006."
"This year's offseason for So Cal was extremely busy and has created quite a buzz in ISC circles. Reports from throughout North America have the Casa Trejo Bombers ranked in the ISC top ten and in one forum they have been ranked as high as 5. Ralph Trejo Sr., the freewheeling owner of the team remains in his usual high spirits stating that he believes the Bombers can make an even better run at the worlds this year."









Sledgehammer's Top 10 California Team Rankings -

March 27, 2006


Pre-season Top 10

  1. Casa Trejo Bombers

  2. Team Rainey

  3. A-1 Tank

  4. Taylor Farms

  5. River City Rockers

  6. Bakersfield Lumberkings

  7. Rude Pac

  8. Long Beach Snakes

  9. Savala Rounders

  10. Panteras


Sledgehammer's Analysis


1. So Cal Bombers- Losing Potskin hurts but not enough to knock them off.
2. Team Rainey- This team will be battling for number one all year.
3. A-1 Tank- The real story here...Frye, Gaspar and Dodson. Three pitchers with rings. Frye won a "B" national and an "A" runner up and Gaspar and Dodson won NAFA A titles.
4. Taylor Farms- They're loaded. Some say their bench will be too long but I dissagaree. Guzman seems to have something going here. With this team, a wedding or child's birthday won't kill em. They will just insert another proven player. Chemistry not an issue here.
5. River City Rockers- Other than Rainey and So Cal, this is the only top 5 team to have victories over several top level opponents.
6. Bakersfield Lumberkings- The Rounders trip up and the kings jump up.
7. Rude Pac- Solid finish in their 06 debut weekend. Picked up veteran strike thrower in Rooney but as we have seen this weekend, 9 players is tough to win a tourney with.
8. Long Beach Snakes- Hopefully we see them on the field soon. Readers are anxious to see if they belong.
9. Savala Rounders- The weekend was rough but they were missing a few large pieces. They will be penalized down this week however.
10. Panteras- Always a quality opponent. The victory this weekend gets them in the door but only to 10. Jesse Duncan is a Team Rainey outfielder. When he decides to be a full time Pantera pitcher, they will jump a few spots.

Dropped Out
Level One Raymar- Solid weekend for the new look Raymar but not enough to stay in the 10. The semifinal appearance in the "C" tourney shows they still have some game. With many new fastpitch players, watch their progress.

On the Radar
Palm Springs Express- Had a good weekend in a tough tourney. Interesting to see their roster.


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