Santa Fe Springs - Little Lake Park
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Little Lake Park is located at 10900 Pioneer Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, CA, just east of the 605 Freeway, about 10 miles north of Long Beach, CA.  It is a 4 diamond complex, without fences.  SoCal ASA erects portable fencing for tournaments there, a big plus.



It's freeway close and easy to get to, except that the Florence exit off the 605 North is easy to miss. Get over like you're exiting to take the Interstate 5 freeway, and you'll spot the Florence exit sign hidden to the right.


Located off main street, Pioneer, just south of Florence, set in residential neighborhood. 


Good size parking lot right next to fields. Safe because cars are in view of the field.  Twenty steps to ballpark.  Can park close enough to get dinged by a foul ball.  Parking on street  right next to fields for those of us that worry about such things.  Large enough for large motor homes/RV's.  Some of the players and staff park theirs in between the two fields, right at the edge of the fields, allowing them to watch games from a distance, or stroll between the fields. (click link, then zoom to see)


C+/B- (depending on whether they get any maintenance)  Adequate, but fields tend to be rock hard, with minimum maintenance.  Pitcher's rubbers are temporary ones, and planted on uneven ground. Four (4) fields, with outfields backing up to each other, but spaced so no real interference from other games. City of Santa Fe Springs gets good marks for making the fields available to men's fastpitch, with cost next to nothing. No fences, but SoCal ASA erects portable fencing, a big plus.  It's a lot of work to put them up and take them down, but ASA does it, and the players appreciate it.


For 2005, the city added permanent covers over the dugouts on the main fields, a nice improvement. There is a good amount of shade, at least in some sections of the park. (Click link above to see)  For parts of the day, you can watch games at the "main" field.   Plenty of shade just a short distance from two of the fields, good for gathering in between games.


Excellent views of games available, with chain link backstops close to home plate. Metal bleachers at all four fields.  Bring a folding chair for more comfort, and to get closer to the action.


Two permanent buildings, one in north end, one in south end.  The one at the south end is right next to the main field.  Pretty spartan, but relatively clean. 

Food & Beverage

No on-site concession, but SoCal ASA generally arranges for a team to host one, with tent behind home plate of the main field, and electrical to the restroom building.  Important to overall feel to ballpark, creates place to hang out during the day, and eliminate having to drive for fast food.

Retail Shops

None in or within walking distance, but a couple miles away.  Sporting goods stores about 10 minutes away.

Picnic areas

One large covered, which is often in use for private parties.  Tables scattered through the park under shade of trees, and near the fields.


Bring your own.


Because it's used by SoCal ASA several times during the season, it's become the scene of more men's fastpitch in So Cal locally than almost any other park.  For those who use to frequent Joe Rodgers Field in Long Beach, or Mayfair Park in Long Beach, it may not have that "ballpark" feel, but it's not hard to find or get to, and there is a "fastpitch family" atmosphere created by having so many teams there (usually 15 or so), some shade, and usually a "family style" concession.  It grows on you.  Championship game usually played Sunday afternoon, when there is more shade at the main field, with some of the eliminated teams hanging around to watch.  With so many cities gouging for use of their fields, Santa Fe Springs is providing a place where men's fastpitch can flourish.  The fact that SoCal ASA puts up portable fencing and arranges a concession makes it a reasonably nice place to play ball.






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