AAU Roster – Texaco Pirates, Bahamas

The first in a continuing series of team profiles leading up to this month’s AAU International tournament, January 18-21, 2007 in Orlando, FL.

The Texaco Pirates of the Bahamas will return to Orlando once again for this year’s AAU International. The Pirates have done well in past tournaments and continue to improve their roster each year. In 2004, they were the Consolation champions. In 2005, they came within a hair’s breath (one run) of knocking off eventual 2005 Champions, Circle Tap of Wisconsin, in a see-saw battle. This past summer, the Pirates travelled to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada for their first trip to “The Show”, the ISC World Tournament.

Roster additions for 2007 include two pitchers from that 2005 Circle Tap championship team, Dewey Dyck and Rob Scheller, along with Doug Sleep, to go with their resident ace, Edney Bethel. Bethel (featured on the cover of fastpitchwest.com at the moment) swings a good stick as well, so look for his bat to be in the lineup when he’s not pitching. Keep an eye on William Weatherford as well, as he has shown that he can hit the best pitching the tournament has to offer. Circle Tap’s Kyle Magnusson will also join the Pirates for the AAU, and makes the team a solid contender for the 2007 title.

The Pirates will be hosting their own tournament in May, 2007, at their home field on “Man-o-War” Cay, in the Bahamas. Teams interested can contact Haziel McDonald, the Pirates manager.

Texaco Pirates AAU Roster

(pitchers shown in bold)

Andrew Albury
Darren Rogers
William Weatherford
Doug Sleep
Dewey Dyck
Rob Scheller

Edney Bethel
Fred Sweeting
Kyle Magnasson
Lyle Sawyer
Nathanial Malone
Grant Albury
Greg Gardiner
Haziel Mcdonald-manager

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