Fastpitch Meets YouTube

Some great old footage in a YouTube video. Click that little arrow on the “screen” above to view the video. Recognize any of those faces? 😉 Didn’t get a chance to see Darren Zack pitch a few years back? Say “Hello Mr. Riseball”. “Good morning, good afternoon and Good Night!” Anyone know what year those games were played? Email us at jim (at)

Cap tip to Cary Weiler for the link!

Sonny Perkins tells us the video was from the “Fastpitch” DVD, filmed in 1995, except that news footage from New York.

More: We heard from the producer of this footage, Jeremy Spear, producer of the feature length film, “Fastpitch”. He tells us this YouTube video is a promotional video he did for the ISC in 2002, along with Steve Schucker and Michael Groves, to help promote the Men’s game. (The original is in color) Most of the footage came from his film, “Fastpitch”.

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