Tech Time at FPW

Some tech developments that might be of interest to all fastpitch players, coaches and fans as the 2007 season gets into swing:

GOOGLE 411800-GOOG-411 (800-466-4411) – a FREE telelephone 411 (yellow pages) service from Google. It will connect you, give you details, or even text you if you say “text me”. Having trouble finding that hotel or restaurant while on a road trip? Let Google 411 connect you for free. Did I mention it’s FREE?>.

GOOGLE APPS – while they are not new, they have added some new ones and some bells and whistles on the others. Best of all, they are FREE.

Need to open that tournament bracket that’s in excel, but don’t have excel on your computer? Try Google Spreadsheets.

Ditto a Word doc – Use Google Docs to open it.

MAPS – Is there a better map app than Google’s? Tell me you haven’t burned company time using the “satellite photo” mode to find cities or ballparks you’re headed to, or trying to see what your house looked like the day they took the pic 😉 Use Google Maps to “find businesses” (e.g. hotels, etc.) the next time your team hits the road.

– add the feeds for Al’s Fastball, ISCfastpitch, Morning Brief and the Deuce to your Google home page, or to their RSS Reader. RSS (news feeds) have never been easier.

And if you’re using Firefox browser, download the free Google Firefox Toolbar and you can highlight an address on screen, and it will automatically open a google map.

JOTT – Free voice to email service. Great for those times when you can’t get to a computer, but have to get a quick email out to someone. For the low, low price of FREE.

ONLINE AIRLINE TIX – Getting ready to plunk down that hard earned cash for airline tickets? Be sure to check here:

Fare Chase

Have tech tip that you think is useful to the fastpitch community ? Drop us a line: feedback (at)

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