Sr. Canadians – Friday Aug 31


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31 AUG
Tie-Breaker Schedule (Results)

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Friday, August 31st.
T1 Stony Plain Twiliters 0 vs. Defending Champs 7.
T2 Jarvis Merchants 8 vs. Impact Signs 0.
T3 Aug 31 11:00am Defending Champs 4 vs. Jarvis Merchants 5 (8 Innings).
T4 Aug 31 Aspen Interiors 7 vs. Jarvis Merchants 2.

31 AUG
Playoff Games (Friday)
Labatt 2007 Senior Men’s Canadian Fastpitch Championships.
Double Life Games.
C1 D1 Aug 31 Host 5 vs. SK2 3.
C2 D1 Aug 31 8:00pm 2nd-ON1 vs. 3rd-BC.

31 AUG
Official Qualifying Round Standings

Labatt 2007 Senior Men’s Canadian Fastpitch Championships.
Official Qualifying Round Standings.
Host 8-0.
ON1 7-1.
BC 6-2.
SK2 5-4.
ON2 6-5.
DC 5-5.
AB 4-5.
NL1 4-5.
NS 2-6.
SK1 2-6.
PE 2-6.
NL2 1-7.

Playoff Match-ups:
Teams 1 through 8.
1-4 (Host vs. SK2)
2-3 (ON1 vs. BC)
5-8 (ON2 vs. NL1)
6-7 (DC vs. AB)

31 AUG
Tournament Awards And All-Star Team
Labatt 2007 Senior Men’s Canadian Fastpitch Championships Tournament Awards and All-Star Team.
Tournament All-Star Team:

Pitcher-Darrell Tilley (AB).
Catcher-Pat Humphries (DC).
1st Base-Derek Mayson (BC).
2nd Base-Blair Ezekiel (HOST).
3rd Base-Derek Shackleton (ON1).
Shortstop-Darrell Joy (SK2).
Outfield-Stephen Mullaley (HOST).
Outfield-Dale Levy (ON1).
Outfield-Ryan O’Neill (SK2).
Utility-James Sansford (NS).
Top Batter Qual. Round.
Derek Mayson (BC) .560BA.
Top Pitcher Qual. Round.
Korrey Gareau (BC) 3-0, 1.11 ERA.
MVP Qual. Round.
Stephen Mullaley (Host) .517BA, 11R, 4HR, 11RBI.

Details on each award winner will be posted after the 1st Double Life Game between the Host (Roebothan McKay Marshall) and SK2 (Aspen Interiors).

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