ASA 2008 National Tournaments

Continuing the ASA theme of today’s posts, here is the list of 2008 National tournaments:

ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch
7/31/2008 – 8/3/2008 Stevens Point, Wisconsin

ASA Men’s 23-Under Fast Pitch
7/31/2008 – 8/3/2008 Brandon, South Dakota

ASA Men’s Class A Fast Pitch
9/4/2008 – 9/8/2008 Gladstone, Missouri

ASA Men’s Class B Fast Pitch
8/27/2008 – 9/1/2008 McAllen, Texas

ASA Men’s Class C Fast Pitch
8/27/2008 – 9/1/2008 Prescott, Arizona

ASA Men’s Masters 40-Over Fast Pitch
8/20/2008 – 8/24/2008 Minot, North Dakota

ASA Men’s Masters 45-Over Fast Pitch
9/11/2008 – 9/14/2008 Springfield, Missouri

ASA Men’s Senior* 50-Over Fast Pitch
9/26/2008 – 9/28/2008 Fort Worth, Texas

* ASA continues to refer to 50+ fastballers as “seniors”. Someone tell them that the “seniors” are over playing slow pitch.

Editor’s notes: Speaking of date changes, ASA has moved the 50+ tournament to the last weekend in September instead of the heat of the summer in early July. I wonder if the 40+ will follow, instead of continuing to lose teams and players because they are involved in the ISC World Tournament, and NAFA World Series. Readers will recall that last year’s ASA 40+ and 45+ Nationals in Alabama were canceled due to “lack of interest”.

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