Northern California Travel League Schedule

The schedule for 2008 is:

March 15-16, Stockton
March 29-30 Stockton
May 3-4 Sonora
May 17-18 Sacramento
July 12-13 Sonora

Entry fee is $450.00 per event
February is the time to commit for the first 2 Stockton Events
The cut off date for each event is the Thursday (9 days prior to the event) of the week prior to each event. This is necessary in order to secure the umpires and fields. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

As you may have heard, the RED ROCK Classic has been cancelled, so the May 3-4 event will fill up fast. I already have teams from other areas committed, so if you wish to play that weekend you need to commit early.

As previously stated, I am offering all teams a chance to participate in the NOR CAL league drawing. Tickets are $5.00 each, teams get to keep $2.50 from every ticket sold. If a team takes 400 tickets they will keep $1000.00 and send a $1000 to the league, out of that money there will be a drawing, first place winner gets $1500; second place gets $750; third place $500; fourth place gets $250. If 2000 tickets are sold. If more than 2000 tickets are sold the prize money will increase and the number prizes will also increase. If any of you wish to participate please contact me ASAP as I will be sending tickets out the first week of February. The drawing will be held May 3 in Sonora, winners need not be present.

If you have any questions please contact me. I am looking forward to this year of BALL. Commit NOW! Last year we had to cancel events because teams waited until the last minute so PLEASE Commit early

Bob Chapel
1156 Capricorn Place
Billings MT 59105

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