Wichita Wingnuts in Elite 8 of Logo Contest

This is a shameless plug for my brother Bob’s minor league baseball team, the Wichita Wingnuts.

CNBC is holding its annual “Minor League Baseball Logo” Contest, which started, like the NCAA tournament with 64 teams. (chosen from the 252 minor league teams in existence). Each round matches two of the teams against each other, with the winner advancing. My brother’s team, the Wichita Wingnuts, from Wichita, Kansas won their first three matchups and have advanced to the “Elite Eight”, with voting underway. When I voted earlier tonight, with almost 18,000 votes in, they were ahead, and bidding to get into the Final Four.

Here’s today’s matchup:

Lend them a hand?

Vote here:
or just click the logo above.

(if Wednesday’s Elite Eight voting has closed by the time you get here, click the link to see if they’re still in the hunt for Friday’s Final Four, Monday’s Semi-Final and Tuesday’s championship)

Be sure to check back as the final rounds are coming up this week and weekend:

Thursday, March 27: Two “Elite Eight” Matchups (ends 9 a.m. ET on Friday)

Friday, March 28: Two “Final Four” Matchups (ends (9 a.m. ET on Saturday)

Monday, March 31: Two “Final Four” Matchups (ends 9 a.m. ET on Tuesday)

Tuesday, April 1: The Final Contest (ends 9 a.m. ET on

More about the Wingnuts:

The Wichita Wingnuts are a professional baseball team that is slated to start playing in Wichita, Kansas, in the United States. They are a member of the American Association and will start to play in 2008. The team is not affiliated with any Major League Baseball team. The Wingnuts will be replacing the Wichita Wranglers a former AA afilliate of The Kansas City Royals.

The team will play at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

Click here to visit the official Wichita Wingnut website.

More About My Brother Bob: Bob Flanagan works in the Wingnut front office, heading up corporate sales. He has worked in minor league baseball for more than a decade, starting back about 1993 with the the then-Central Valley Rockies in Visalia, when shortstop Neifi Perez was playing single A ball. After a number of years in Texas, he is now with the Wingnuts in Wichita for the 2008 season.

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