World Fastball Invitational 2008 – June 26-29

Amidst all of this “logo” news, we now return you to some fastpitch news:


World Fastball Invitational 2008 – Monkton – final roster of teams


Monkton, ON

I am very pleased to announce the teams who will compete in the 2008 edition of the World Fastball Invitational in Monkton On., June 26 – 29th.

As you all may know, the foundation of the tourney is to have the finest teams in the game participate and compete each and every year for both the fans, and players to experience the highest level of mens softball on the planet.

That being said, the teams competing are:

Kitchener Rivershark Twins
The Farm
So-Cal Bombers
Saskatoon Aspen Back Sox
Broken Bow Gremlins
Circle Tap
Jarvis Gamblers

With another fastball season quickly approaching, and a number of off-season changes in rosters, Monkton will be the first true test for all of these teams. Once again, we kick off the event on Thurs June 26, and will continue thru to the final game scheduled for 2:00pm Sunday June 29
Stay tuned for more tourney events and announcements in the near future!

Brian Baillie
World Fastball Invitational

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