YouTube Goes Wide Screen

YouTube has gone wide screen. The old 4:3 “TV” format has been upgraded to a wide screen version. (16:9)

Want to see what it looks like? Revisit Dean Holoien’s grand slam at this year’s ISC World Tournament. To see the wide screen version, click the YouTube logo in the lower right hand corner of the photo below after starting the video with the the arrow button in the middle.

Dean Holoien, of Aspen Interiors of Saskatoon, Canada hits a grand slam home run against defending champions, The Farm Tavern of Madison Wisconsin at the 2008 ISC World Tournament at Kimberly, Wisconsin, August 15, 2008.

The grand slam came in the bottom of the 5th inning, with Aspen trailing 2-1, and catapulted Aspen into today’s winner’s bracket final against Kitchener. Scoring ahead of Holoien is the pinch runner for Keith Mackintosh, Ron Head, Carl Crawford and Dale Levy.

(Video by Jim Flanagan)

Here is a look at the Aspen 5th in that game:

Aspen Interiors 6th – Hale B to lf. Mackintosh K singled. Crawford C walked; Mackintosh K advanced to second. Head R pinch ran for Mackintosh K. Lawton M pinch ran for Crawford C. / for Lawton M. Levy D walked; Lawton M advanced to second; Head R advanced to third. Holoien D homered, 4 RBI; Levy D scored; Lawton M scored; Head R scored. Mackintosh P struck out. Ethier T grounded out to 2b. O’Brien S flied
out to lf. 4 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

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