2008 ISF Junior World Championship Broadcast Available Online

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Just in time for Christmas, the archived broadcast of the 2008 ISF Jr. World Championship game has been posted online for listening and download. You may listen to it directly, or save to your computer and play back on any computer. The broadcast is made available free of charge. (We have an MP3 version as well, for those who want it on a CD or to put on their iPod or other media player, but that file is too large to post online. Watch for more information on how to get on CD)

Our production team is working on the rest of the ISF Jr. World Championship games that were broadcast from Whitehorse, as well as the ISC II Tournament of Champions, so stay tuned.

Click here to listen or download the broadcast
, between Australia and Canada, with Kyle Smith and Jim Flanagan. (This file posted online is still a large one, so be patient while it downloads and buffers). Once done, it will load quickly the second time. Depending on which browser you’re using, it might make some funny noises while it downloads, but give it time.)

(Kyle and Jim will be in Orlando, January 22-25, 2009 for live broadcasts of the 2009 AAU International tournament.)

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