Best of the West team profile – A1-Rude Pac

Best of the West – May 30-31

This is the second in a series of team profiles for teams competing in this year’s Best of the West tournament.

Thanks to manager Ron Mizener for this information:

A1-Rude Pac Fastpitch Roster 2009

#3 Javier Fierro – SS
#23 Ruben Lopez – 3RD
#26 Jeremey Rooney – 2ND/OF
#15 Josh Tisdale – INF/OF
#27 Dean Waltier – INF/OF
#33 John Pruneda – 1ST
#8 Dave Carlton – 1ST/OF
#00 Bryan Wells – C/INF
#9 Danial Frisbee – Catcher
#44 Kieth Herbster – Catcher
#25 Rob Penticoff – OF
#21 Scott Pulcifer – OF
#24 Ron Mizener – OF
#6 Matt Barnes – Pitcher
#31 Gerald Pyle – Pitcher
#4 Doug Sleep – Pitcher
#10 Ed Gasper – Pitcher

#13 Rudy Montanez – Manager
#19 Jose Hernandez – Coach
#1 Bob Piddock – Coach

Editor’s notes: The roster features a good number of players from the Cal State Builders team that won the Boatnik title last week, including both MVP’s, Matt Barnes and Javy Fierro, along with all tourney award winners Dean Waltier, Gerald Pyle, and Dave Carlton (who homered in the title game). Paul Reyes is a member of the 2009 Rude Pac squad, but will not be at the Best of the West tournament. Add pitchers Doug Sleep and Ed Gaspar to the Builder’s 1-2 punch of Barnes and Pyle, and the Pac figures to have one of the deepest staffs in the tournament. And for good measure, Rudy’s squad will have Rob Penticoff, who figured prominently in the River City Rocker’s run to the Elite Eight at last year’s ISC II Tournament of Champions. He and Waltier will be keys to success on Sunday if they make a run and wind up facing the likes of a Jeremy Manley or other top pitching in the tournament.

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