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UPDATE 9pm PDT: Just getting back from the fields. No internet connection and cell phone battery ran out, so just getting back to posting scores. We’ll put the scores up, then details a bit later. Some brief notes posted over at our Twitter page:

Game of the day might have been Pueblo, 1-0 over Santa Cecelia Mexical Mexico. Jeremy Manley and Panfilo Valdez zip zip into 9th.

Bay Area Pirates went 2-1, won two games behind BJ Hunhoff, who tossed a no-hitter in his second game. Pirates lost third game 2-0, #2 seed

Manley struck out 48 in 3 games, 17, 14 and 17. Oh, and he homered and won another game with a triple. Not a bad day for him.

It’s 9pm PDT, going to post the scores before heading to dinner, more details later.Pueblo was the only 3-0 team today, #1 seed and gets bye

Well, no luck in posting to Twitter from the field today. Twitter’s javascript doesn’t like my Windows mobile cell.

UPDATE: 3PM PDT Just getting some scores in from the morning games. Putting them in on my cell phone so it will be a little slow. I will just put scores in firsta and add details later

UPDATE: 12:30PM PDT: I’m still enroute to Santa Barbara, won’t arrive til close to 3pm or so. Hope to get some scores to post by cell phone.

If you are at the tournament reading this, or getting telephone reports from anyone there, please feel free to post the information on our Twitter account,

We’ll be posting scores here, with the games to be played shown below the jump.

Saturday May 30

Game 1 @ Elings Park Field 1 – 8:30 AM
Taylor Farms Athletics vs. Pueblo Bandits
Bandits 2, Taylor Farms1
Manley struck out 14 and had the game winning triple in the last inning. Another of those good hitting pitchers.

Shawn Vanduvall homered and Nick Santos was 1-2 with the other RBI

Wish this game had been later in the day, would like to have seen it. One of the marquee match-ups in the tournament, with top two ISC ranked teams, #12 Pueblo edging out #19 Taylor Farms. One hit — Manley’s — was the difference in this one. Several of the Taylor Farms/Team USA players, including pitcher Travis Price, Marcus Tan, Steve Pinnochio, along with Dave Drotzmann (who pitched for the Virgin Islands team) just got back from that trip, and appeared to be in mid-season form. The Taylor Farms infield looks to be among the best in the tournament – former Lumberkings Pat Fuentes at third, Marcus Tan at short, So Cal Bomber Steve Pinnochio at second and Lumberking Kevin Castillo at first base. A pitcher’s dream. Castillo, as many readers know, is the former Team USA Junior player from the 2005 team that played at PEI, and son of a teammate of mine, Paul Castillo. Kevin suffered a nasty ankle injury at last year’s Snapper Shootout in Niagara, Ontario, which required surgery and a cross country trip by his father to drive him back home to Long Beach California. It was good to see him back on the field, and appearing to be on the mend from the injury. The father and son will be in opposite dugouts tomorrow, as Kevin’s Taylor Farms team, the #3 seed, opens the playoff round against the #14 seeded Santa Barbara Young Bucks, the 23-and-under team run by Clyde Bennett, and coached by Kevin’s father Paul.

Game 2 @ Elings Park Field 2 – 8:30 AM
CR Rockers Vs Rude Pac
Portland Rockers4, Rude Pac 2
WP-Mark Bennett, in relief of Lee Cose
LP-Doug Sleep, with relief from Gerald Pyle in the last inning
Rob Penticoff was 2-2 with 2 RBI. Ricky Martin (player, not singer) was 2-3 with 2 RBI

Game 3 @ Elings Park Field 3 – 8:30 AM
SoCal Tribes Vs Silver Hawks
Silverhawks4, So Cal Tribes 0
WP-Todd Winkworth
LP-Sonny Perkins
Sean Barker, brother of Spud, was 2-3 while Chris McGehee drove in a run.

Todd Winkworth out west pitching for a California team? No coincidence, as Silverhawk teammate Brian Teeters (2008 Lumberking), is expected to be in uniform for the Bridgeport Braves of Ontario. Teeters hit the game tying home run that helped lift the Lumberkings past those same Braves in last year’s ISC II T of C. Can’t beat ’em, sign ’em. Great addition to an already strong Bridgeport squad, who were an out or two away from advancing to the tournament’s final day.

Game 4 @ Pershing Park – 8:30 AM
Tri-County Vs Coyotes
Tri County 10, Coyotes 7

Game 5 @ Elings Park Field 1 – 10:15 AM
Santa Cecelia Vs Innovative Communications
Innovative Communications 5
Santa Cecelia 3

Game 6 @ Elings Park Field 2 – 10:15 AM
Black Sox Vs Team Pape Pirates
Pirates 7, Black Sox 0
WP-BJ Hunhoff
LP-Randy Clay
HR- none
BJ Hunhoff went the distance, striking out 5 and surrendering just 3 hits(Budke, Jimmy Buentello
and Carlos had the hits)

Game 7 @ Elings Park Field 3 – 10:15 AM
Maccabi USAVs Young Bucks
Young Bucks 7, Maccabi 6
LP-Rockwood, in relief of Glucksman
Eric Smalling of the Young Bucks with game winning walk off triple

Game 8 @ Pershing Park – 10:15 AM
Hostilez Vs Tri-County
Hostilez 7, Tri County 6

Game 9 @ Elings Park Field 1 – 12:00 Noon
Santa Cecilia Vs Pueblo Bandits
Pueblo Bandits 1, Santa Cecelia 0, 9 innings
WP-Jeremy Manley
LP-Panfilo Valdez

Maybe the game of the day here, great pitchers duel between Manley and Valdez, who knotted it up for 8 innings, before Pueblo pushed across the game winner.

Game 10 @ Elings Park – Field 2 – 12:00Noon
Black Sox vs Taylor Farms
Taylor Farms 6, Black Sox 2
WP-Mike Egerdeen
LP-Ron Rupp (8 K’s in the losss)
Jason Porto had two doubles. Taylor Farms touched up Ron Rupp for 5 in the first, 1 in the second, and nothing thereafter. Todd Budke had 2 hits – both of the infield variety. (ever see that before?) Eli Salazar, on loan from SCIFL rival Panteras had two hits. Eli an underrated player, good to see him get a chance to show he can play at the next level.

Game 11 @ Elings Park – Field 3 – 12:00Noon
Maccabi USAVs SoCal Tribes
So Cal Tribes 3, Maccabi USA 1
WP-Sonny Perkins
LP-Dave Blackburn
HR-Nordie (Tribes).
The Tribes led the entire game, with Maccabi’s run coming in the 5th. They threatened in the final inning, but the game ended on a line drive out off the bat of Cory Angel, with the bases loaded, caught by the Tribes shortstop.

Game 12 @ Pershing Park – 12:00 Noon
Silver Hawks Vs Hostilez
Hostilez 7, Silverhawks 6
WP-Anthony Loza
LP-Todd Winkworth
Jason Caragoza 3-4 with 2 RBI.

Game 13 @ Elings Park Field 1 – 1:45 PM
Team Pape Pirates Vs CR Rockers
Team Pape Bay Area Pirates 9, Portland CR Rockers 0
WP-BJ Hunhoff ** a no-hitter **
LP-Mark Bennett

Game 14 @ Elings Park Field 2 – 1:45 PM
Rude Pac Vs Innovative Communications
Innovative Communications, UT 6, Rude Pac 5
WP-Steve Morgan
LP-Matt Barnes
Another of the day’s better games, though time shortened to 4 innings.

Game 15 @ Elings Park Field 3 – 1:45 PM
Young Bucks Vs Coyotes
Coyotes 7, Santa Barbara Young Bucks 5
WP-Will Oldham
LP-Ceclio Smalling
HR-Jacob Venzer (to lead off the game)
Coyotes Will Oldham was 3-3, with 5 RBI; Buddy Armijo was also 3-3, as was Jacob Venzer
The Coyotes George Valdivia and Rudy Soriano were 1-2 with a walk a piece.

Game 16 @ Pershing Park – 1:45 PM
Silver Hawks Vs Tri-County
Bakersfield Silverhawks 12, Tri Couinty 1
WP-Todd Winkworth
LP-Jeremy Rodgers

Game 17 @ Elings Park Field 1 – 3:30 PM
CR Rockers Vs Bandits
Pueblo Bandits 4, Portland CR Rockers 0
WP-Jeremy Manley

Game 18 @ Elings Park Field 2 – 3:30 PM
Taylor Farms Athletics Vs Innovative Communications
Taylor Farms California Athletics 4, Innovative Communications, UT 1
WP-Travis Price
LP-Randy Frame

Game 19 @ Elings Park Field 3 – 3:30 PM
Rude Pac vs Black Sox
Rude Pac 1, LB Black Sox 0
WP-Ed Gaspar
LP-Todd Budke

Game 20 @ Pershing Park – 3:30 PM
Maccabi USAVs Hostilez
Maccabi USA 9, Hostilez 8,
WP-Bob Rockwood
LP-Howie –
One of the wildest games of the day. Maccabi led 4-1, was overcome by 7 runs in the 6th, and down 8-4 going into the final inning, rallied for five of their own, including three on Jason Gluckman’s dramatic 3 run walk off home run.

Game 21 @ Elings Park Field 1 – 5:15 PM
Santa Cecelia Vs Team Pape Pirates
Santa Cecelia, Mexical, Mexico 2, Bay Area Team Pape Pirates 0
WP-Panfilo Valdez
LP-Keith Frey (BJ Hunhoff relieved in 6th)
Panfilo Valdez finally had some luck go his way, after pitching very well all day long (0-0 for 8 innings against the top seeded Pueblo Bandits.) The Pirates game was 0-0 going into the late innings, when Santa Cecelia pushed across single runs in separate innings, one on an outfield error. The game was an important one for seeding, as the Pirates, behind BJ Hunhoff, did not surrender a run in its first two games. They needed a win and another shutout to edge out the Pueblo Bandits who finished 3-0 and gave up but one run. Close but no cigar, and the Pirates finished the day 2-1, with a total of 2 runs surrendered in three games. Frey and Valdez both pitched well.

Game 22 @ Pershing Park – 5:15 PM
So CalTribes Vs Coyotes
So Cal Tribes 6, Beaumont Coyotes 1
LP-Cecelio Smalling


1. SantaCecelia, Mexicali, Mexico
2. Hostilez,Morongo Reservation
3. Bandits, Pueblo, CO
4. Tri-County, Santa Barbara, CA
5. ISC II #32 InnovativeCommunications, Lehi, Utah
6. Coyotes, Beaumont, CA
7. Taylor Farms Athletics, Salinas, CA
8. SilverHawks, Bakersfield, CA
9. ISC II #6 Rude Pac, Sun Valley, CA
10. SoCal Tribes,San Jacinto, CA
11. ISC II #15 C.R.Rockers, Portland, Oregon
12. Young Bucks,Santa Barbara, CA
13. Black Sox, Long Beach, CA
14. Team Pape Pirates, Walnut Creek, CA
15. ISC II #37 Maccabi USA

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