Best of the West – Sunday Playoff Scoreboard

Sunday morning in Santa Barbara. A little overcast with very light drizzle this morning, but that is often the case for California coastal towns. All 15 teams will begin the single elimination playoff round today, seeded according to their Saturday games.

No internet connection at the field, so postings will likely be light during the day, but we’ll have scores up before the day is out. I am working on a connection for a midday post, around 12:00 or 12:30pm PDT, to recap the morning scores, leading into the Final Four games, so if you are checking back and don’t find anymore updates on Twitter, that’s the best time to check.

We want to remind folks that we are also using our “Twitter” page. For those not familiar with Twitter, it is a website that permits very short postings by anyone, and allows those that wish to “follow” along to do so, from their computer or cell phone.

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If you are a fan following along, and speak with someone playing in the tournament by cell phone during the day, we invite you to post a quick note with any information you can, e.g. Team A is beating Team B, 2-1 in the 6th. Or for any fans in the stands, likewise, feel free to post updates. Let us know what you think about this addition to the coverage. Twitter seems well suited to the task.

Darren Strang reminded me that you need to register your phone number with twitter to allow txt message uploads.

Sunday Playoff Scoreboard


Game 23 8:00 AM @ Elings Park Field 1 – 4th Place Vs 13th Place
So Cal Tribes vs. Tri County Santa Barbara
So Cal Tribes 6, Tri County Santa Barbara 1

Game 24 8:00 AM @ Elings Park Field 2 – 7th Place Vs 10th Place
Morongo Hostilez v. Portland CR Rockers
Portland CR Rockers 10, Hostilez 1
WP-Spud Barker
Ryan Dailey hit an inside the park home run for Portland.

Game 25 8:00 AM @ Elings Park Field 3 – 8th Place Vs 9th Place
Santa Cecelia Mexical, Mexico v. A-1 Rude Pac
Mexicali 1, Rude Pac 0
WP-Panfilo Valdez
LP-Doug Sleep

Game 26 8:00 AM @ Pershing Park – 6th Place Vs 11th Place
Innovative Communications UT vs. Maccabi USA
Innovative Communications UT 4, Maccabi USA 2
WP-Ryan Webb
LP-Jason Gluckman
Jason Gluckman was 2-3 with 2 RBI
Tommy Gray hit a 2 run HR for Innovative
Innovative advances to the second round, while Maccabi is eliminated

Game 27 9:45 AM @ Elings Park Field 2 – 2nd Place Vs 15th Place
Bay Area Pirates v. Long Beach Black Sox
Pirates beat the Black Sox

Game 28 9:45 AM @ Elings Park Field 3 – 3rd Place Vs 14th Place
Taylor Farms Calfornia Athletics v. Santa Barbara Young Bucks
Taylor Farms 4, Santa Barbara Young Bucks 0
WP-Dave Drotzmann, with relief from Mike Egerdeen

Game 29 9:45 AM @ Pershing Park – 5th Place Vs 12th Place
Bakersfield Silverhawks v. Beaumont Coyotes
Bakersfield Silverhawks beat the Beaumont Coyotes


Game 30 9:45 AM @ Elings Park Field 1 – (Quarterfinal) W Game 23 Vs W Game 24
Portland beat So Cal Tribes

Game 31 11:30 AM @ Elings Park Field 2(Quarter-Final) W Game 27 Vs W Game 26
Bay Area Pirates v. Innovative Communications
Innovative Communications, UT 9, Bay Area Pirates 4
WP-Russ Chadwick in relief of Steve Morgan
LP-Keith Frey in relief of BJ Hunhoff
HR-Canyon Vance of Innovative; Ron Brannin (also for Innovative)
Canyon Vance 3 RBI.

Game 32 11:30 AM @ Elings Park Field 1 (Quarter-Final) 1st Place Vs W Game 25
Pueblo Bandits 4, Mexicali 0
WP-Jeremy Manley
LP-Panfilo Valdez

Game 33 11:30 AM @ Elings Park Field 3 (Quarter-Final) W Game 28 Vs W Game 29
Taylor Farms California Athletics 5, Bakersfield Silverhawks 1
WP-Mike Egerdeen, with Travis Price in relief
LP-Todd Winkworth


Game 34 1:15 PM @ Elings Park Field 2 (SemiFinals) W Game 30 Vs W Game 31
Portland CR Rockers v. Innovative Communications, UT
Portland CR Rockers 9, Innovative Communications 2
WP-Randy Frame
LP-Lee Cose

Game 35 1:15 PM @ Elings Park Field 1 (Semi-Finals) W Game 32 Vs W Game 33
Pueblo Bandits v. Taylor Farms
Taylor Farms 7, Pueblo Bandits 0
(forfeit, Pueblo had to leave to catch flights)


Game 36 3:00 PM @ Elings Park Field 1 (Championship) W Game 34 vs W Game 35
Taylor Farms California Athletics 7, Portland CR Rockers 0
(forfeit, Portland had to catch flights)

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UPDATE: 12:30pm Sunday: Back at the hotel to post some updates. Should be up after 1pm PDT. In the meantime, I’ll post some quick notes on winners/losers in Twitter. Click the Twitter logo below. ** I posted winners and losers for Sunday morning games, 8am and 9:45 games – click TWITTER logo.

UPDATE: 2:00 pm Sunday: Back at the hotel again to post updates. Twitter is up to date with winners and losers, more details to be posted here (below) in the next half hour or so. Portland and Taylor Farms are two of the Final Four. Portland will play the winner of the Bay Area Pirates and Innovative Communications, while Taylor Farms will await the winner of Pueblo and Mexicali.

UPDATE: 2:30 pm Sunday: updated game info below, working on another update before 3pm PDT. Keep an eye on Twitter, results posted first over there.

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