Best of the West team profile – Beaumont Coyotes

Best of the West – May 30-31

This is the twelfth in a series of team profiles for teams competing in this year’s Best of the West tournament.

Thanks to Will Oldham for this information:

1 Gabriel Valdivia OF IF
2 Richard Soriano C IF OF
5 Georgie Valdivia OF IF
6 Eddie Soloman IF
8 Albert Garcia IF
9 Will Oldham P OF IF
13 Cecilio Smalling P IF
14 Mario Ramirez C IF
19 Rudy Soriano IF
20 Gilbert Valdivia OF IF
23 Chris Reyes P IF
25 Dustin Edwards OF
26 Mike Becerra OF
30 Arthur Harris OF C

Manager – Richard Soriano

Will Oldham, Cecilio Smalling, and Chris Reyes.
22 year old Will Oldham leads the staff. Cecilio Smalling brings the veteran mentality to the team as Chris Reyes comes in relief.

Well known for many years in Southern California, the Beaumont Coyotes enter this tourney with young squad. As former manager David Valdivia lets go of the team, his grandson Richard looks to pick up where he is leaving off. With the majority of their team under 25 years old the Coyotes want to show they’ll be around for more years to come.

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