NAFA 50+ Masters – Carson City, NV

50-Over Western Can have 3 players that turn 47 in this calendar year that are NOT pitchers. All other players must be turning 50 in this calendar year and they can all pitch. Players can play in multiple divisions but times will conflict.

1) NW Old Growth(Ryder), Portland, OR.
2) Seattle FP(Bendock), Seattle, WA.
3) Hellman Motors, Delta, Colorado
4) Nevada Power(Yuill), Reno, Nevada
5) Bay Area Merchants(Williams), Hayward, California
6) Texas Stars (Smith), Houston, Texas
7) Relics(Johnson), Southern California
8) NAFA Yard Dogs 50’s, Southern California
9) Yakima-Olympia Allstars(Bucknell-Sam)
10) Ohio Battery(Nick), Ashland, Ohio
11) Ladner Masters(Pettigrew), Delta, British Columbia, Canada
12) Boise Fog(Alder), Boise, Idaho

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