ISC Changes for 2010

The following is a summary of changes approved by the ISC Board of Directors at the annual meeting in Quad Cities and take effect for the 2010 season.

PRAWN Rule – The PRAWN rule is changed for the following limits, categories and duration.

Year PRAWN Team limit PRAWN Pitcher Team Limit Duration of PRAWN Status

2010 6 per team 1 3-years
2011 5 per team 1 3 years
2012 & 4 per team 1 3-years

The exceptions or “grandfather” features in the current PRAWN rule will remain intact.
For the 2010 season, the PRAWN list will include those players named as All-World in 2009, 2008 and 2007. The 2010 list will be available, released and posted by mid-September.

Hall of Fame – A new provision has been added for “last minute inductees.” It is designed for an otherwise qualified individual with a terminal condition, to be voted in for immediate induction. It waives regular nominating rules and lead time. The action requires a recommendation from the Hall of Fame Committee and must be approved by the ISC Executive Committee.

The purpose of this change is to properly recognize a qualified individual who likely has a short time to live and the propriety for Hall of Fame status while still living. Candidates must meet the requirements of the category in which they are nominated for induction. Inductions made under this rule will not alter any of the current limitations on the various Hall of Fame categories.

Penalty for late entry fees – Any World Tournament or ISC II ToC team entry fees not received by July 20 will be assessed a $50 late fee.
Mercy Rule Changed – The ISC abandoned its 7-run mercy rule and adopted the ASA rule which is 15-run lead after 3 innings, 12-run lead after 4 innings or 7-run lead after 5 innings.

Entry Info Letters – Once a team has qualified for the World Tournament or ISC II ToC entry, the manager is sent an information letter giving him/her all information they need for entry. In the past these letters have been mailed via snail mail rather than email. Beginning in 2010, these letters will be sent to the team manager (or designated team rep) by email with copies to the Regional Commissioners, Vice President and Tournament Host.

Officer Elections – The following individuals were elected to various offices for a 2-year term:
Executive Committee Chairman – Larry Fisher (Ohio)
President – Dean Oscar (Wisconsin)
Secretary – Robert Gray (Alabama)
Treasurer – Charlie Smith (Texas)
Canada West Vice President – Todd McCabe (Alberta)
Canada East Vice President – Blair Setford (Ontario)
US West Vice President – Chris Santos (Colorado)
US Central Vice President – Wayne Fisher (Iowa)
US East Vice President – Bill Howell (Maryland)
ISC II Vice President – Jim Williamson (Washington)
Developmental Vice President – Tom Stasik (Michigan)

August 31, 2009

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