Sweeping Changes at ISF Congress at Venezuela

From the ISF website:

October 25, 2009

Elections, Constitution, & New ISF Logo Among Numerous Developments

MARGARITA ISLAND, VENEZUELA – The retention of the world governing body’s leader, a new secretary general, and various changes among the regional vice presidents were part of the many developments coming out of the just-concluded XXIV International Softball Federation Congress held here. It was also revealed that extensive re-branding efforts will commence shortly, featuring a new ISF logo and revamped website.

In addition, the delegates approved a constitution that took effect immediately and they awarded two future world championships. Plus, a new class was elected to the ISF Hall of Fame. There were also changes to the playing rules, and visits from special guests. The latter included Venezuela Sports Minister Victoria Mata, Venezuela Olympic Committee President Dr. Eduardo Álvarez, and Venezuela Olympic Committee Vice President Mrs. Elida de Álvarez.

Don Porter was re-elected as ISF president, having run unopposed. Ms. LOW Beng Choo (Malaysia) is the ISF’s new secretary general, following elections that took place yesterday. She was previously the ISF deputy secretary general. Retiring ISF Secretary General Andy Loechner (USA) had been in the position since 1987. Two other women from Ms. Low’s region were among those elected by the congress, including a former Olympic softball coach.

In the five regions, a significant change was made in that each now has two vice presidents, plus there is a new position called non-Spanish-speaking Caribbean vice president. The changes are as follows:

VP Position
1st Vice President Mr. Dale McMann (CAN)
2nd Vice President Mr. Bob Leveloff (NZ)
Africa Mr. Guillo Marapjane (RSA)
Mr. Marumo Morule (BOT)
North America Mr. E.T. Colvin (USA)
Non-Spanish-speaking Caribbean Mr. Romell Knowles (BAH)
Latin America Mr. Antonio Morales (COL)
Mr. Jesús Suniaga (VEN)
Asia Mme. JIANG Xiuyun (CHN)
Mme. Taeko Utsugi (JPN)
Europe Mr. Ami Baran (ISR)
Mr. Andre van Overbeek (NED)
Oceania Mr. Darryl Clout (AUS)
Mr. Robert J. Steff, Sr. (GUM)
In addition, International Olympic Committee Members Mme. Beatrice Allen (GAM) and Mr. Meliton Sanchez (PAN) remain as members of the ISF Executive Council. Furthermore, the newly created constitution – which comes in addition to the standing ISF Administrative Code – will provide for the creation of an ISF Board of Directors and gives a new, forward direction for the world governing body.

Based on bids that had been presented, the ISF IX Junior Men’s World Championship in 2012 was awarded to Parana, Argentina, and the ISF XIII Men’s World Championship in 2013 was awarded to North Shore City, New Zealand. Dates for both tournaments will be announced at a later time. The event three years from now will mark the first ISF world championship to be held in South America.

Newly elected to the ISF Hall of Fame are the following:
PLAYERS: Peter Clout (AUS), Naomi Ellis (BAH), Rhonda Hira (NZ), Sally (McDermid) McCreedy (AUS), Nobunori Nishimura (Japan), Mark Sorenson (NZ), Darren Zack (CAN)
UMPIRES: Eduardo Jose Falcon (VEN), John McAuliffe (AUS), Wayne Saunders (NZ)
ADMINISTRATORS: Ivan Eduardo Briceno C. (VEN), Philippa Griffith-Bailey (BIZ), Viatcheslav Smagin (RUS), Robert J. Steffy Sr. (GUM), Glen Todd (CAN)
COACHES: Naomi Shaw (NZ)
MERITORIOUS SERVICE: Jacinto David Amaiz (VEN), Don Tricker (NZ)

Also, two individuals were announced as recipients of the prestigious ISF Medal of Honor. Retiring ISF 1st Vice President Clovis Lodewijks (AHO) and Secretary General Andy Loechner (USA) became just the eleventh and twelfth recipients of the award.

The next ISF Congress will take place in October 2011, with the site to be announced at a later date.

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