Possible ISC Changes For 2010 Season

With the recent influx of notices of teams ceasing operations for 2010, the ISC is taking steps to ensure that the ISC World Tournament remains a healthy and viable event that has appeal for teams, fans, host cities and the ISC.

Any proposed changes will require approval by both the ISC Executive Committee and then the full ISC Board of Directors. Our goal is to have this process completed and announced in the next five weeks.

Without going into specifics, some or all of the following may be impacted:
* PRAWN rules for 2010
* Out of Region fees
* Berth allocations to our five regions for Qualifying tournaments
* Team rankings
* Structure of both the ISC World Tournament and the ISC II Tournament of Champions

Because of the above, we suggest that teams take the above into consideration in discussions with prospective players until everyone knows exactly what changes will be implemented.

We are committed to making an announcement as quickly as possible.

Ken Hackmeister
Executive Director

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