2009 ISC Video Archives now online

Oct 29, 2009 – The ISC Streaming Committee has posted the video archives of 14 complete games from the 2009 ISC World Tournament in Moline Illinois.

The games can be freely played on demand, and are found in the Archive section of the ISC Sportsjuice page:

The 2009 ISC World Championship game is directly accessible from the above page, and the other 13 games can be accessed from the pull down menu of the Archive section on the page. Coverage of the awards ceremony is also included with the Championship game.

The Ballparkradio.tv web site will also include direct links to the video archives.

“The 2009 ISC World Tournament was the first under our new reorganized streaming plan, and other than the rain, it was the most well received of all of our previous live video webcasts” said Dave Blackburn, ISC Commissioner of Streaming and Broadcasting. “We had satisfied viewers from all around the world, and we had very few, if any, disruptions to our live streams. With what we have learned in the last 4 years, I am quite encouraged about the future of our live video webcasts.”

With over 30 hours of game video coverage now accessible, fastball fans can now relive the tournament, and follow the action as the

Kitchener Rivershark Twins capture their second consecutive ISC World fastball Championship.

Editor’s note:

This was Ballparkradio’s first year of involvement with the ISC video broadcasts. I wanted to take a moment and thank the ISC video crew – including the guy that started it all, Executive Producer Dave Blackburn, along with his assistant Roseann Allen, and camera crew, Mike and Jerry Betz, all of whom did an outstanding job with this year’s video production. Judging from the emails we received, it was the best quality, most stable, reliable video stream ever. The credit for that goes to those four people, who worked extremely hard to make it happen.

That said, I was very disappointed with the unprofessional broadcast environment in the WT press box – disruptions from certain people in the press box who didn’t seem to care about the quality of the broadcasts, or that their conversations, cell phone ringers, noise and in some cases, profanity, were going out over the air.

As you watch or listen to the archived broadcasts, if you hear this, I would appreciate if you would email me with the game number and time of the disruptions or distactions in the background. (e.g. Game 12, 12:22-12:45 etc.) with any notes describing it. Send to jim (at) ballparkradio (dot) com.

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