2010 Women’s ISF World Championships – Live TV from Venezuela

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2010 Women’s ISF World Championships – Live TV from Venezuela
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Games come and go. Check the schedule on the ISF site and then look here for live coverage.

From the VZ website:(Google Translation)
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Women’s World Softball Caracas 2010

Venezuela fell 0-2 to the Japanese Olympic champion

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China defeated Venezuela 5-2 with strong homer Sojo(Sports News)
On Thursday the women’s team in Venezuela face the winner of the clash between China and Taipei, China

Caracas, June 30 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela came out today by the narrow gate at the start of the second round of the XII Women’s World Softball Championship after falling 0-2 to the selection of Japan, Beijing Olympic champion-2008.

Despite more than a simple connecting Asian women (three for two), the team failed to score burgundy in Caracas Independence Stadium pitcher Mika Someya, who walked all the way with seven strikeouts.

Las niponas scored twice in the lower fourth chapter, which combined a hit, a walk, a hit and two errors, one mental.

The splitter also launched Host Mariangee Bogado complete.

The match concluded with more than five thousand people fell short of expectations, considering the quality of the pitchers.

Someya had defeated in qualifying a strong ninth in Canada and Taipei, while Bogado won four of the six victories in Venezuela.

At the conclusion of the match, the manager of the Venezuelan team, Kim Wright, said he was proud of the local softball. “The girls have shown they are up to any opponent,” he said.

Tomorrow (Thursday) Japan is measured with the winner of Wednesday’s game between the U.S. and Canada.

For its part, Venezuela will face the winner of the clash between China and Chinese Taipei in the third game today.

The other game of the second phase of the XII World Championships Women’s Softball Australia-star in the Netherlands (Holland), on Wednesday night.

(PL / VTV)

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