Maddy’s — and Bob Otto’s Photos from California Classic

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(Photo not by Maddy Flanagan or Bob Otto)

This past June 19th and 20th I went down to San Diego to shoot the first annual California Classic Tournament hosted by he California A’s (Dave Weldin & Greg Hicks) and the California Silverhawks (Christopher McGhee). The tournament was held in a beautiful new facility: Sportsplex, USA, in Santee and the weather, as is common in lovely San Diego, was absolutely perfect. No less perfect, for me, was being able to finally meet, after many years of quiet admiration, a photographer that in fastpitch circles needs no introduction: Bob Otto. I have been a fan of Bob since I first discovered fastpitch and always strived to copy his great work. So it was indeed an honor, for a few brief hours to share the fields with Bob under the sunny skies of San Diego. You can see Bob’s photos HERE and you can also browse mine by clicking HERE.

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Just to be sure you don’t miss those photos:

California Classic at Bob Otto’s site, Otto in Focus.

California Classic at Maddy’s Photos.

Editor’s note: Bob Otto and Maddy Flanagan span more than a decade of fastball photos at Fastpitchwest. Bob was previously the official ISC photographer in the 1990’s (before I even knew Maddy). Bob was kind enough to provide his photos to Fastpitchwest for posting when we got the website off the ground in 1998. Bob’s work served as a model for Maddy, and other fastball photographers. Their passion for photography, and the sport of fastball is Southern California’s blessing.

2010 California Classic Champions, the California A’s
(photo by Maddy Flanagan)

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