Ballparkradio at Erie Tournament – July 31 – August 1

It has been a busy summer for Ballparkradio’s Kyle Smith. This coming weekend, July 31-August 1, he’ll take the show on the road once again, to Erie Pennsylvania, to broadcast the Erie Tournament on live streaming audio to a worldwide audience. It marks the third tournament in little more than a month, following trips to Kitchener for the Legends Fastball Classic, and Tavistock tournament a couple of weeks ago.

Kyle will be joined in the booth by Bill Hillhouse and Derek Pukash — at least when their team, the NY Gremlins, isn’t playing. Hillhouse will wear a third hat as well, serving as the tournament director.

Just for good measure, on his “off” weekend in July, Kyle helped spearhead a cancer-fighting fund raiser.

Ballparkradio’s lead play-by-play man, Kyle Smith, will be in Erie PA on July 31-August 1, 2010 to bring you live streaming broadcasts from the Erie Tournament.

The Erie Tournament will feature a veritable who’s who of top teams in the fastball world, as they head down the stretch to the ISC World Tournament in Midland Michigan August 13-21, including:

# 1 Jarvis Travelers
# 2 Kitchener Rivershark Twins
# 3 Chicago/NY
# 4 NY Gremlins
# 6 Midland Explorers
# 8 Albaugh IA

[Saving you a trip to find the rankings, only the # 5 California A’s and # 7 Bar of Appleton are missing from this group]

For more details, see our earlier post here and more information at Al’s Fastball.

Listeners can tune in to the broadcasts at the Ballparkradio website, free of charge. (click logo below)

Keep an eye out for the soon-to-be released schedule of broadcasts. The schedule of Games is as follows:

Saturday, 31 July

9am Blue Lake vs NY Gremlins Chicago NY vs. All stars
11am Midland vs NY Gremlins Chicaco NY vs. Albaugh
1pm Kitchener vs. All Stars Midland vs. Jarvis

4pm Kitchener vs. Albaugh Jarvis vs. Blue Lake
6pm Kichener vs. Chicago/NY Albaugh vs. All Stars
8pm NY Gremlins vs. Jarvis Midland vs. Blue Lake

Sunday, 1 August

Sunday 8:30am B3 vs. A2 A3 vs. B2
Sunday 10:30am A1 vs. B2/A3 winner
Sunday 10:30 am B2 vs. A2/B3 winner
Sunday 12:30pm Championship.

is now in its eighth year of broadcasting men’s fastball. The Erie tournament is the sixth tournament of the 2010 season, and sixth of eight events overall:

January – AAU International Tournament (Jim Flanagan & Josh Johnson)
June – Best of the West (Jim Flanagan)
June – California Classic (Jim Flanagan, Greg Hicks & Steve Miner)
July – Legends Fastball Classic (Kyle Smith & Blair Setford)
July – Tavistock Tournament (Kyle Smith & Joe Todd)
July – Erie Tournament (Kyle Smith, Bill Hillhouse and Derek Pukash)

Still to come:

August – Canadian Midget Boys Tournament (Kyle Smith and friends)
August – ISC World Tournament (the whole BPR crew)

Did you miss some of the earlier broadcasts, but want to listen to the games? Check out the archives section of our newly designed broadcast website.

The broadcasts in Erie PA will be made possible by use of wireless card, provided courtesy of The wireless card is a USB device (“rocket stick”) that provides a cell phone style connection to the internet. Ballparkradio first used the device in Santa Barbara earlier this year, to broadcast the Best of the West tournament. The lack of internet connection at many venues had been an impediment to broadcasting, but no more, thanks to

( rents the devices on a per day basis, great for travelers who need a portable internet connection from time to time, but don’t wish to sign a two year contract and pay expensive monthly fees to boot. For more information, click the Rovair logo above. Be sure to tell them Ballparkradio sent you)

A special thanks to Erie Tournament director Bill Hillhouse, who made several trips out to the ballpark to test out our USB wireless card, to be sure of our internet connection in advance.

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