Andy Martinez of the LB Black Sox “on the Hot Seat”

Don’t miss the latest “Hot Seat” interview at the Long Beach Black Sox website. This month’s “victim” is shortstop Andy Martinez, (at right in photo below) one of the bright young stars in Southern California. The “Hot Seat” feature is a favorite at Fred Hanker’s Long Beach Black Sox team website, and always makes for good reading. Incidentally, Andy Martinez, 27, was named the Sox co-MVP for the 2005 season, as well as garnering “Gold Glove” honors for the team.

Andy (at right in photo) is currently playing shortstop for the Mustangs in the City of Artesia fall league, alongside his younger brother Christian, (at left in photo) who is five years his junior. The two will team up full time next season. And just for good measure, there is a third brother, five years younger than Christian, the third of the Martinez brothers to play baseball at Tustin High School. As a pitcher who’s had the privilege to play in front of these two, I can tell you they throw the leather. Shades of the fellow who helped introduce Andy to fastball, a Mustang teammate, Terry Canale, former Long Beach Nitehawk great who recently earned All World honors himself at the ASA 45+ Nationals last month.

(Photo courtesy of Fred Hanker)

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