ISC World Rankings (June 1)

From Al’s Fastball:
The new ISC World Tournament rankings are up at the ISC website.

Biggest jump appears to be the Houston Aces, who scored points with voters by knocking off a #5 (Patsy’s), #20 (Portland) and #22 (Team Rainey) at the Red Rock tournament, enroute to a runner-up finish, and won the TX/LA/ARK/OK ISC qualifier last week. The Aces vaulted from #33 into the top 25, winding up at #23.

The So Cal Bombers win at Red Rock and Palm Springs shot them into the top 10, moving from #13 to #8.

Other teams from the West:
Vancouver Grey Sox moved up one spot from #7 to #6;
Pueblo fell one spot from #18 to #19, despite knocking off the Bombers at Palm Springs;
Portland moved up two spots from #20 to #18
Team Rainey fell two spots from #22 to #24

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