ASA “B” Nationals – Day 2 – Updated Bracket

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The official bracket (PDF) and Fastpitchwest bracket (webpage) have been updated through Updated 8/31/07 – EST 11:54AM.

Fastpitchwest’s bracket here.
, for those without Excel to read the official one. Click refresh to be sure you’re viewing the latest update or if you don’t see all of the bracket lines at first.

Further update, Friday afternoon:

Two Hour lightning delay. Rockers up 6-0 vs. Romie’s Angels in top of 5th with Rockers batting…not official yet. Joe Jaquez throwing. BJ Hunhoff has relieved Uncle Tony.

Innovative up 3-1 vs. Florida Fastpitch in 3rd inning.

Thanks to Kary Moore, who is sending reports from his BlackBerry® wireless device

p.s. Kary, if you’re reading this, your email box is full !

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