ISC’s “Diamond Dirt”, Final 2007 Issue

We are pleased to share the final issue of this year’s “Diamond Dirt”, produced daily at the ISC World Tournament, and handed out to fans in attendance, by the editor himself, John Thompson.

“Diamond Dirt” was a daily, full-color handout produced and distributed each day, which included stories on games and events from the prior day, and color photos to boot. John worked tirelessly to get the “Diamond Dirt” out, submitting it to the printers early in the morning, and walking it around the complex at lunchtime and into the afternoon.

(John Thompson, editor of “Diamond Dirt” personally delivering to the fans at the ISC World Tournament at Kitchener)

And just for good measure, John was the man behind the outstanding, professionally produced 2007 ISC World Fastball Tournament program. If you haven’t seen that one yet, find someone who has one. It is a work of art.

Click here to view the final 2007 issue of “Diamond Dirt”, August 31, 2007. (PDF, requires Adobe Reader)

To view the complete set of 11 issues, click here and scroll down the page.

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