2008 The Farm/NAFA World Series All World Team

All World Team

Most Valuable Player
David Bishop, 2B/OF, Patsy’s (New York City, NY)

Most Valuable Pitcher
Adam Folkard, Patsy’s (New York City, NY)

Both award winners become All World
P Korrey Gareau The Farm Tavern (Madison, Wisc)
P Kevin Kammueller Herda & Sons (Waverly, Minn)
P Jeremy Manley Midwest Stampede/Albaugh (Elkhart, Iowa)
P Lucas Mata Casa Trejo A-1 Bombers (Yucaipa, Cal)
P Colin McKenzie Circle Tap (Denmark, Wisc)
P Gerald Muizelaar Patsy’s (New York City, NY)
P Travis Price MinnDak Millers (Fargo, ND)
P Rob Scheller Patsy’s (New York City, NY)
1B Donnie Hale The Farm Tavern (Madison, Wisc)
1B Rob O’Brien Casa Trejo A-1 Bombers (Yucaipa, Cal)
3B Brent Holman New Image (Monfort, Wisc)
3B Matt Palazzo Midwest Stampede/Albaugh (Elkhart, Iowa)
SS Joe Morales Casa Trejo A-1 Bombers (Yucaipa, Cal)
SS Tom Owen Midwest Stampede/Albaugh (Elkhart, Iowa)
OF Lucas Goring MinnDak Millers (Fargo, ND)
OF Kyle Magnusson Circle Tap (Denmark, Wisc)
OF Daniel Milne Patsy’s (New York City, NY)
OF Dave Kimura Casa Trejo A-1 Bombers (Yucaipa, Cal)
DB Darrell Sandback Casa Trejo A-1 Bombers (Yucaipa, Cal)

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