All-Star Game at Currie, Michigan

by Midland Daily News
Tuesday, July 29, 2008 12:38 PM EDT

The annual Men’s Fastpitch All-Star Game between the Midland Fastpitch League and Thumb Fastpitch League will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Currie Stadium in Emerson Park.

The Midland Fastpitch League will consist of one or two players from each of the 14 teams in the league.

“We’re going to have quite a few ballplayers compared to their team, but it’s just going to be a friendly game,” said Wally Sidelko, who will play for the Midland team. “It’s just a chance for all of us to see what else there is in the state from that region.”

Admission to the nine-inning game is free.

Midland League All-Stars

Name Midland League Team

Greg Sauve Carey All State
Mike Hune Carey All state
Shae Bryant Carey All State
Wally Sidelko Twisters
Neil Faccio Twisters
Seth Freed Twisters
Rick Engle Twisters
Paul Hosington BCCI
Jason Hosington BCCI
Steve Bednarik Labidie Olds
Ryan Schank Labidie Olds
Dustin Collamer Metros
Joe Edwards Metros
Rob Collamer Metros
Tim Shepard Sperheion
Chad Dana Sperheion
Chris Heimlein Bear Truss
Willie Murray Simmons Thomas

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