Special Olympics at ISC – Reminder

Just a reminder about the ISC/Special Olympics game that will be held this year. To date, I’ve heard from the following teams/groups about being part of this event.

The Bar of Appleton – Chad Mix
Thomson Merchants – Bruce Bielema
Fastpitch West – Jim and Maddy Flanagan
The Bar of Green Bay – Ric Thompson
Midland Explorers – Grant Patterson
Circle Tap – Tom Crouch
Scarborough Wolverines – Ryan Freedman
SoCal Bombers – Tony Peeples

Please email me if your team can send someone. We’d like to have as much representation as possible from the all the ISC teams.

Date: Thursday, August 14th

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Diamond 1, Sunset Park

The Blazing Stars, a Fox Valley Special Olympics team, will have about 12-15 players, and once we get the final lists, we’ll split the 2 groups up evenly so that the Special Olympics and WT players get to be teammates. Once the teams are set, we’ll play a 1-hour slowpitch game between the two teams.

The game can accomodate as many players/teams as there is interest – no one gets turned away if they want to be part of it.

Kyle Beane
ISC Player Rep

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