2009 AAU International Pools and Schedule

2009 AAU Men’s International Fastpitch Tournament
January 22-25, 2009 – Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex
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Pool A
1. Mac’s – NY
2. Guatemala
3. Chicago/NY – NY
4. Barranquita – Puerto Rico

Pool B

1. Florida Fastpitch
2. Combatientes – Venezuela
3. ADCO – NY
4. Hill United – ON

Pool C
1. Meraloma – BC
2. Dominicana – Dom. Republic
3. Elmira – ON
4. Radio 560 – Mexico

Pool D

1. CPI/ADS Classics – ON
2. Puierto Rico Junior National Team
3. DC Arrows – BC
4. Tijuana – Mexico

Pool E
1. Midwest Stampede – IA
2. Cobourg – ON
3. Virgin Islands
4. Maccabi Red – USA

Pool F
1. Los Socios – Venezuela
2. PK Broward – IL
3. Earl’s Club – WI
4. Sioux Falls Sox – SD

Pool G
1. Gremlin Knights – NY
2. Texaco Pirates – Bahamas
3. Manor Dirt Bags – TX
4. Brewers de Venezuela

Pool H
1. Millwood Logistics – ON
2. Puerto Rico National Team
3. Minnesota Angels
4. Venezuela/Miami

Pool I
1. Team Minnesota
2. Bahamas Nat’l Development
3. Niagara Storms Fury – ON
4. Sopotocientos – Venezuela

Pool J
1. Sebringville – ON
2. Jamaica
3. Maccabi Blue – USA
4. Ohio Battery/Stockpack – OH


Thursday 1 PM Diamond
Mac’s vs Guatemala 25
Chicago/NY vs Barranquita 24
Combatientes vs Hill United 23
Meraloma vs Dominicana 22
Elmira vs Radio 560 21
CPI/ADS vs Puerto Rico Juniors 20

Thursday 3 PM Diamond
DC Arrows vs Tijuana 25
Barraquita vs Guatemala 24
Los Socios vs PK Broward 23
Earl’s Club vs Sioux Falls Sox 22
Manor vs Brewers de Venezuela 21
Venezuela/Miami vs Puerto Rico 20

Thursday 5 PM
Virgin Islands vs Maccabi Red 25
Bahamas vs Sopotocientos 24
Sioux Falls Sox vs PK Broward 23
Jamaica vs Maccabi Blue 22
Gremlin Knights vs Brewers de Venez. 21
Venezuela/Miami vs Minn. Angels 20

Thursday 7 PM
Sebringville vs Ohio Battery 25
Team Minnesota vs Niagara Storms 24
Midwest Stampede vs Cobourg 23
Florida Fastpitch vs ADCO 22
Gremlin Knights vs Texaco Pirates 21
Millwood vs Puerto Rico 20

Friday 9 AM Diamond
Mac’s vs Chicago/NY 25
Combatientes vs ADCO 24
Radio 560 vs Dominicana 23
Tijuana vs Puerto Rico Juniors 22
Maccabi Red vs Cobourg 21
Los Socios vs Earl’s Club 20

Friday 11 AM Diamond
Mac’s vs Barranquita 25
Millwood vs Minnesota Angels 24
Jamaica vs Sebringville 23
DC Arrows vs Puerto Rico Jr’s. 22
Maccabi Blue vs Ohio Battery 21
Brewers de Ven vs Texaco Pirates 20

Friday 1 PM Diamond
Team Minnesota vs Bahamas Dev. 25
Meraloma vs Elmira 24
Ohio Battery vs Jamaica 23
CPI/ADS vs DC Arrows 22
Midwest Stampede vs Virgin Islands 21
Los Socios vs Sioux Falls Sox 20

Friday 3 PM Diamond
Hill United vs Florida Fastpitch 25
Venezuela/Miami vs Millwood 24
Team Minn vs Sopotocientos 23
Tijuana vs CPI/ADS 22
Guatemala vs Chicago/NY 21
Niagara Storms vs Bahamas Dev 20

Friday 5 PM Diamond
Florida Fastpitch vs Combatientes 25
Radio 560 vs Meraloma 24
Dominicana vs Elmira 23
ADCO vs Hill United 22
Gremlin Knights vs Manor 21
Sopotocientos vs Niagara Storms 20

Friday 7 PM Diamond
PK Broward vs Earl’s Club 25
Puerto Rico vs Minn Angels 24
Maccabi Red vs Midwest Stampede 23
Cobourg vs Virgin Islands 22
Manor vs Texaco Pirates 21
Sebringville vs Maccabi Blue 20

32 team single elimination championship (CH) bracket and 8 team consolation (CO) bracket
Schedule below

Saturday 9 AM
Game 1 CH
Game 2 CH
Game 3 CH
Game 4 CH
Game 1 CO
Game 2 CO

Saturday 11 AM
Game 5 CH
Game 6 CH
Game 7 CH
Game 8 CH
Game 3 CO
Game 4 CO

Saturday 1 PM
Game 9 CH
Game 10 CH
Game 11 CH
Game 12 CH
Game 13 CH
Game 14 CH

Saturday 3 PM
Game 15 CH
Game 16 CH
Game 17 CH
Game 18 CH
Game 5 CO
Game 6 CO

Saturday 5 PM
Game 19 CH
Game 20 CH
Game 21 CH
Game 22 CH
Game 23 CH
Game 24 CH

Saturday 7 PM
Game 7 CO – Chps’p

Sunday 10 AM “ELITE EIGHT”
Game 25 CH
Game 26 CH
Game 27 CH
Game 28 CH

Sunday 12 Noon“FINAL FOUR”
Game 29 CH
Game 30 CH

Sunday 2 PM
Game 31 championship

Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex
January 22 – 25, 2009


1. Each team manager is responsible for informing his players of all rules.

2. The tournament will be played by current International Softball Federation rules, identical to those used in 2008, except for special rules explained below.

3. A team representative is to meet at the tournament bracket board 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time to turn in their line-up (line-up cards are provided) coin flip and obtain game ball. A 5-minute grace period will be allowed after which the team present will be given choice of home or visitors. Teams involved in double-headers are expected to still send a representative 30 minutes prior.

4. The tournament ball will be the Worth K-Master C120WISC. Each team will be given 8 new balls at beginning of tournament to provide each team with 2-balls for each of their guaranteed 4-games. Teams are expected to retrieve foul balls. During a given game, if the umpires are out of balls, each team will put another C120WISC new or used ball into the game. If a team runs out of their 8-balls, they can purchase more balls at $5 each or $50 per dozen. This change is an attempt to create an incentive for teams to return foul balls and put those balls back into the game. In previous AAU tournaments, too many balls have ended up in player’s bags.

5. Teams may use the areas behind outfield fence to warm up but please do not go into straightaway center field. Batters eyes!!!! Diamonds not in use may be used for warm up on a shared basis with other teams.

6. Time limits: In pool (round robin) games no new inning will begin after 1:45. If a tie exists after the completed inning following 1:45, the game will be a tie.

7. In bracket play, there will be no time limit but there will be an 8 run after 5 innings and 12 after 3, mercy rule. If a game is tied after 7 innings, the 8th inning will begin with the last batter from prior inning running at second base.

8. Seeding procedure: At the conclusion of pool play, teams will be ranked 1-4 in each pool using the following process.

a. Pool play record.
b. Common game (head to head) if it’s a 2-team tie and is applicable.
c. Ties:
i. If above isn’t applicable, the ties will be broken in the following order using all pool games: fewest runs allowed, most runs scored, run differential and coin flip.
ii. If tied games create a situation where above isn’t practical, we will use 3 points for a win, 1for a tie and 0 for a loss to seed the teams.

Teams will be placed on single elimination bracket, based on their pool finish, i.e. A1 vs H4, B2 vs G3, etc.
9. Protests may be made only on rule interpretations. Protests will be resolved before play continues.

10. Disney reserves the right to discontinue play if inclement weather, impending inclement weather or any other unforeseen situation presents itself. Disney and AAU have the right to alter tournament format or rules if any of the above occurs.

11. Disney, AAU, Tournament Director and/or Tournament Umpire In Chief will resolve all protests, format changes, rule changes or any other issues addressed in # 9 and #10 or any situations not covered in ISF or tournament rules.

12. No profanity or bat throwing will be tolerated. Violators will be ejected.

13. Due to potential importance of runs scored, any pool play forfeits will be recorded with a final score of 3-0.

13. Phone number to Disney Softball press box is 407-939-1557. Tournament Director cell phone is 801-381-0961.


After pool play ends on Friday night, we will record the Saturday schedule on the Disney Press box phone. Call 407-939-1557 and listen for the Saturday schedule. This schedule information will not be recorded until 10 PM or later.

In a given game, if both teams pre-agree to play the game using the ISC pitching rule, the game will be played in that manner. Otherwise, ISF pitching rule is in effect. Disney will provide athletic trainers on site, for athlete injuries or medical needs.

Any individuals or teams found violating Disney or AAU rules will be subject to disqualification.

There will be free male only ISC pitching clinic conducted during the tournament. Specific times for each day will be announced at the manager meeting. Pitcher students must provide their own catcher. It is a walk up clinic so anyone can go anytime they want instruction or pitching assistance. Instructor is former Team USA pitcher, Bill Hillhouse houseofpitching@yahoo.com. These clinics are complimentary and a cooperative effort between AAU, Disney Sports and International Softball Congress (ISC).

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