Michael White’s Daughter

This was passed along by our friend Scott Standerfer:

Michael White’s Daughter

I just wanted to let all of you on the Ultimate site know that Mike White’s daughter, Sidney who is 11 years old, is facing a serious medical situation. She is in a Portland Children’s Hospital undergoing tests. For those of you who don’t know Mike, he is one of the finest pitchers in the world, and he has been instrumental in helping us with our Elite Futures Camps. Pasted below is a note Mike sent regarding Sidney:

“I briefly wanted to give you all an update on our daughter Sidney’s condition.

Since July Sidney has been suffering from anxiety which has led up to brief spells where she basically freezes in place. Looking at Sidney you wouldn’t know a thing is wrong. Physically she is 100%. She is getting A+’s in school, pitching better than ever, and excelling in her new sport volleyball. However, for the past (nearly three months) Sid has been talking less and less – and having momentary lapses where she just kind of freezes in one place. Sidney was admitted to Riverbend Hospital in Eugene on Friday after her condition deteriorated the past 2 weeks. A MRI and EEG were performed and showed some abnormalities in both.

The results of the MRI showed Sid has a dark “spot” about the size of the end of your finger in the deep tissue of her brain stem. Because of the depth of the “spot” in her brain it is not easy to determine what exactly it is. We will not know more until the results of extensive tests are returned early next week. It is not a “text book” case where there is a logical explanation for the cause of her symptoms. They do however think that there is something “structural” within the brain that is causing Sid’s condition. This weekend the doctors are gathering more information using 48 hour EEG monitoring (brain wave patterns) to see if there is any type of seizure activity. On Monday we will be moving Sidney up to Doernbecher Children’s hospital in Portland where a team of specialists will take Sidney’s case and determine a course of action. We do not know how long this will take but we will do everything we can to get Sidney back to normal soon.

Sidney is an extremely courageous girl and will fight this illness with all her strength. I have included as many friends as possible so that the power of our prayer will be multiplied many times. I ask that you add Sidney to your prayers and to your friends and church congregation prayers. Please pray to continue to give Sidney the strength to fight this illness; that you pray to give the doctors the wisdom and insight to find the cure and to give our family the strength to get through this very difficult time.
God bless Mike, Lisa, Nyree, Kenzie and Sidney

If you know the Whites, you know that they would never ask for anything; they are truly a family that gives. I am posting this message in the hope that all of you will send your prayers and best wishes to the White family. Getting Sidney well is the ultimate wish. She is now in the hands of some of the best children’s doctors in the world. But as Mike says, she needs the power of your prayers during her battle.

The Eugene community is quickly mobilizing to help the Whites. An account has been set up at U.S. Bank titled, “Sidney White Donation Account. Any U.S. Bank can accept funds for this family. Obviously, the internet can also provide access. Understanding that these are difficult times for all any help you can offer would be great.

You can reach Joann and me at allister (at) ondecksoftball.net If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to touch base with us. Thank you very much.

Derek Allister

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