Fastpitchwest Forum Registration Update

Sunday night update, November 23:

Welcome to the new members who registered on the Fastpitchwest Forum over the weekend. Registration has been closed as the spammers are swarming again (we got about 10 spams for each legitimate new user). Keep an eye out, we’ll open it up again for those that missed the open window.

Due to spammers, we have had to lock down registration for new users on the Fastpitchwest Forum. We are opening it up from time to time, though, so if you have been unable to register, keep an eye out here for “Forum Registration Open” notices. We had another open registration period last night and I see that some of you managed to register. You’ll note the spammers as the ones that post from overseas, and include a “link” over on the right hand side, to various sites and scams that they are running. Be careful not to click those links. It just encourages them, and in some cases, can link you to harmful viruses and such.

An important note:

(1) After you register, you will receive a “welcome” email but still need to be “activated” by the administrator (me). So when you receive that, forward to me with a “please activate me” in the subject line, and I’ll get you squared away. Please tell me what team you are affiliated with, or something fastpitch related so that I can distinguish from the spammers. If you have included a link on your registration, to a fastpitch site, be sure and mention to me, or I will mistake you for a spammer. Sorry it’s a bit tedious to join, but that’s just the internet these days. These guys are like the little machines on “The Matrix”– they just keep coming.

(2) I receive a number of emails from people asking me to add them to the forum. I am unable to add you, as the “welcome/activation” email comes back to your email address that you use when you register. You’ll need to create the “new user” yourself, using the “Register” link on the forum menu (left side of the page).

To the new forum members, welcome, we hope you will enjoy your time on the board, and invite you to post fastpitch information from your local region. For old members, we’re glad to have you as a member of the Fastpitchwest community, and appreciate the support you have given the site over the years.

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