Virgin Islands Tournament Scores – Day 2

Team Canada 10
Dominicana 0
WP-Grant Patterson
LP-Adolfo Nieves

Of note: Nieves threw modified slingshot – and hard). Canada mercied Dominicana 10-0 in 4 innings.

Team USA 7
Virgin Island Eagles – 4
WP-Terry Luster (McKinney in 6th)
LP-Dave Drotzmann

Luster went 5 innings and left the game with a 7-1 lead. Ty Mc Kinney started the 6th and gave up 3 to make it 7-4. That was the final.

In the nightcap:

Team Canada 9
Virgin Island All Stars 2
WP-Trevor Ethier
LP-Warren Brooks

Scores and cell phone photos courtesy of Dave Drotzman.

(Emile Griffith Park, where games were played, just across the street from the ocean)

(Emile Griffith Park, where games were played)

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