Virgin Island Tournament Scores – Day 3

(Honeymoon Beach in the Virgin Islands, on St. John, looking across the water at St. Thomas)

A big tip of the cap to pitcher Dave Drotzmann for taking the time to send in the scores and photos (below) from the Virgin Islands on his Blackberry, enabling the rest of us to enjoy things vicariously.

Virgin Island All Stars – 13
British Virgin Islands – 5
(5 innings)

Team USA – 3
British Virgin Islands – 0
LP-Elroy Hennley

It was 1-0 USA until the 5th when BVI’s Hennley was replaced by Nevil Smith after Team USA scored two more runs.

Team Canada – 4
Virgin Island Eagles – 1
WP-Grant Patterson
LP-Dave Drotzmann

Patterson went 5 innings, left ahead, 4-1, relieved by Holoien in the sixth.

Team USA – 8
Dominicana – 0
(pitchers n/a)

In the night cap:

Team Canada – 2
Team USA – 0
WP-Mayson (Ethier relieve)
LP-Paul Koert

Team Canada scored two runs in the first inning and made them stand up for the win in the marquee matchup of the tournament.

Scores and cell phone photos courtesy of Dave Drotzman.

(Young Marcus Tan of Team USA faces Team Canada veteran hurler Dean Holoiein in the tournament finale)

(Team USA’s Marcus Tan (l) and Adam Londe (r) discover the real stars of the Virgin Islands Tournament, as teammate Nate Devine adjusts snorkel in the background).

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