Yakima Tournament 2010

From Mark Seward:

Its coming up fast! I have 12 teams verbally comitted. The tourney is June 5th and 6th. Deadline for entry fee is May 31st!! The cost again is $350. I am NOT going to be accepting money when you get here. The reason for it, teams back out on Friday and screws up the scheduling. I want to be able to get you a schedule by Wednesday before and not have to touch it again. Thanks again. Send checks Payable to:

Mark Seward
400 N 77th Ave
Yakima, Wa 98908

Hotel info:

These are really nice well worth the money. Try them and see!! I have reserved blocks of rooms there. These rooms are all suits with the beds in seperate rooms. They have full kitchens, 2 bbqers so you can bbq on there back patio if you want, stove, dishwasher, silverware, plenty of room to sleep at least 6 if you want you would just have to bring an air mattress or sleeping bags and they wouldnt mind at all. Right next door in the same parking lot is Bobs Burgers and Brew!! They serve great breakfast and everything else. If you havent been to one they are kind of like a Red Robin in a way. The rrom are 1Q with pull out couch is $89.00 and a 2QQ is $99.00 w/ a couch also. Again, plenty of room where you could get 6 to a room. Call the lady below and let here know you are with the Yakima Fruitbowl tournament and she will hook you up. Oh Yeah this hotel is only 2 minutes from the fields. You also have Target, Pizza hut, Sub Shop, Liqour Store right across the street walking distance.

Any questions please email or call me. If you would like a cheaper hotel maybe a hotel 6 or something let me know and I can get info for you.

Mark Seward

Ledgestone Hotel
107 N Fair Ave
Yakima Wa 98901
1-509-453-3151 Ext 601
Sylvia Aguirre

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