Ronnie Rupp Arrives on Facebook

Anyone that spent much time on the Fastpitchwest Forum knows of the friendly “sparring match” between So Cal fastballers Ronnie Rupp and Gerald Pyle. Ronnie is finally on board at Facebook, and has wasted no time twisting the blade a bit on the Big Man.

Ronnie’s caption for this one: I heard Gerald was gonna pitch all 7 innings in Sherman oaks tonight, so I call channel 7. The people in the ABC news room dispatched a news van immediately to cover this breaking story… Film at 11

I’m not sure who fired the first shot, but the Big Man has gotten in a few good shots of his own, including my favorite:

Some gems:

Ron: “I saw was watching you pitch the 4th inning against Mexicali last year in Palm Springs. They circled the bases so many times, the Doppler radar picked it up as a sand storm!”

Gerald: “Ronald, I found the ball that Rocha hit off of you, it was shaped like a Silver Dollar. That was quite the porterhouse you threw to him.”

Ron: I don’t want you to get discouraged when I hit at least .350 off you this year. When I was 29, I would have clubbed you like a baby seal, but I am 51 now so you should be able to keep me under .400.”

Welcome back to it, fellas.

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