Boatnik NAFA Qualifying Tournament Scores from Grant’s Pass Oregon

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Cap tip to NAFA Executive Director Benjie Hedgecock for these scores:

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Mock Ford 11, Mock Mazda 1
WP-Bert Ford
LP-Tom Smith, Jake Lier (sp

Southern Oregon Bandits Grants Pass 30, Mock Mazda 3
WP-Marvus Durbin
LP-Mark Connelly

SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2010
Mach Ford 8, A&M Transport 1

WP-Cory Avery
LP-Greg Winters

9:30 AM
Brotherton Pipe 8, A&M Transport 1
WP-Kelly Richardson
LP-Jeff Ellis

11:15 am
Cal State Builders 12, Tule Lake 0
WP-Gerald Pyle
LP-Lance Bidewell

other information pending, we’ll be posting as it comes in.

Benjie adds:

We are inducting Paul Carleton into the NAFA Hall of Fame 4:45 pm today. I’ll take a picture of the plaque and email it to you . Mark Connolly (the guy who pitches with both hands) also made him a great gift I’ll send a pic of that as well

Perfect weather at riverside park in grants pass Oregon
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Additional games on tap:

Team Jones Portland 10, Roseville Eagles 1
WP-Mark Bennett; Bricklen Anderson 1 inning in relief).
LP-Craig Coulter, Mike Newley relieved

Tule Lake vs Mock Ford

4:45 pm
Roseville Eagles vs Butte Falls

6:30 pm
Cal State Builders 6, SO Bandits 5
WP-Darren Strang, JD Peterson in relief

In the best game of the tournament so far 630. Cal state (Darren strange with JD Peterson relief in the 7th…) pitching for Southern Oregon Bandits, Morgan Mapes took a 2-0 lead and was relieved by Mike Trotter in the 4th. Final score in a seesaw battle 6-5 Cal State Builders win.

Team Jones Portland 8, Brotherton Pipe 4

In a game that surpassed the 6:30 pm game in excitement and drama, Little Brotherton Pipe (and pitcher Kelly Richardson) went on top early 4-0 on USC bound Team Jones of Portland and Mark Bennett. In the third inning Portland brought in Bricklen Anderson, who held Brotherton scoreless for the remainder of the game. The Portland bats woke up in the fifth inning, for a 5-4, come-from-behind victory.

WP-Mark Bennett, Bricklen Anderson in relief
LP-Kelly Richardson

SUNDAY, MAY 30, 2010

8:30 a.m.
Cal State Builders 9, Mock Ford 1
WP-JD Peterson
LP-Bert Ford, Josh Sargent in relief

10:15 a.m.
Brotherton Pipe 13, Roseville Eagles 8

12 Noon
Southern Oregon Bandits 13, Tule Lake Aces 0
WP-Brady Lowe
LP-Jim Carpenter

1:45 p.m.
Team Jones 10, Butte Falls 0


Pool play has finished and the seeding is shown below.

3:30 B2 Brotherton vs A3 Mock Ford
Mock Ford 3, Brotherton Pipe 2
WP-Cory Avery
LP- Wynn Malinowski, Kelly Richardson in relief

The first Single Elimination game at 3:30 was 0-0 til the 6th inning when Mock Ford scored 3. Brotherton responded in the 6th with 2 and stranded 2 runners in the bottom of the 7th as Mock Ford and pitcher Corey Avery-70 mph knocked out Brotherton Pipe and pitchers Wynn Malinowski-60 mph and Kelly Richardson-65-mph.

5:15 B4 A & M Transport vs A5 Mock Mazda
A & M Transport 9, Mock Mazda 1
WP-Greg Winters
LP- Mock Mazda

7pm Cal State Builders v. A & M Transport
Cal State Builders 11, A & M Transport 1
WP-Darren Strange
LP-Jeff Ellis

Darren Strang (67 mph) and the cal state builders beat the Ellis family ( A & M Transport ) and pitcher Jeff Ellis ( 51 mph) 11-1 Cal State and pitcher Gerald Pyle will face Mock Ford and pitcher Corey Avery in the 9:30 am semifinal game Monday.

9pm B1 Team Jones vs A4 Tule Aces
Team Jones Portland 3, Tule Aces 0
WP-Mark Bennett

Tule Lake Aces Lance Bidwell held the Portland bats in check only giving up 3 runs with some stellar defense behind him as Tule turned 3 double plays in the game, but Mark Bennett was too much for the Aces and Portland won 3-0. Portland will face the winner of the Roseville vs Bandits game on Monday.

MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010

8 am Quarterfinal
Roseville 12, Southern Oregon Bandits 5
WP-Doug Coulter
LP-Marcus Durbin, with Mike Trotter and Morgan Mapes in relief.

Roseville’s Doug Coulter (54 mph) holds off the up and and coming Southern Oregon Bandits 12-5. Marcus Durbin(60 mph) started for the Bandits and was relieved by 72 year old Mike Trotter (61mph) and then Morgan Mapes (57-mph)

9:30am semi-final –
Cal State Builders 3, Mock Ford 0


In the first semifinal game, Cal State Builders and Gerald Pyle(72 mph) with 11 strikeouts and giving up just 2 hits beat Mock Ford 3-0 as Corey Avery(70 mph) struck out 9 and gave up just 3 hits. Pyle and Avery are teammates during the regular season, for Rude Pac, CA.

Mock Ford takes 3rd place and Cal State Builders play in the championship game waiting for the winner of Portland’s Team Jones(Mark Bennett threw a 17 strikeout perfect game last night) and Roseville Eagles(Mike Neely pitching).

Corey Avery was selected to the All Tournament team along with the Bandits Brady Howe and Brotherton’s Stacey Morgan.

Semi-Final (underway)
Portland’s Team Jones 12, Roseville Eagles 0

WP-Mark Bennett
LP-Mike Neely.

Rob Penticoff and Mario Pereira of the Roseville Eagles were selected to the all tournament team.

Portland Team Jones 11, Cal State Builders 0

WP-Bricklen Anderson
LP-JP Peterson
HR-Rob Gehrke (Portland)

The #14 raniked Portland’s Team Jones won the 2010 Boatnik Tournament over Dave Carlton’s #34 ranked Cal State Builders 11-0. Portland put 3 up in the top of the first on a three run homer by Rob Gehrke off JP Peterson of the Builders.

Bricklen Anderson, Portland’s Open Pitcher was approved by the Cal State Team to start in the championship game. Cal State Builder’s Mark Cain got to 3rd base and Dave DeMaio to 2nd base in the first inning but were left on base.

The rest of the game went about the same until Builders Darren Strang relieved in the 3rd and shut out Portland after that. The All Final Standings & Tournament Team is listed below.

Champions Team Jones, Portland, 6-0
2nd Cal State Builders, NorCal, 5-1
3rd Mock Ford, 3-2
3rd Roseville Eagled, NorCal, 2-3
5th SO Bandits, 2-2
5th Brotherton Pipe, 2-2
7th Tule Lake Aces, NorCal, 1-3
8th A & M Transport, 1-4
9th Mock Mazda, 0-4

All Tournament Team
MVP Josh Agnew, Portland
MVPitcher Mark Bennett, Portland
All Stars
Stacey Morgan, Brotherton
Corey Avery, Mock Ford
Ron Penticoff, Roseville
Mario Pererio, Roseville
Brady Howe, SO Bandits
Brian Ree, Portland
Kevin Rasmussen, Portland
Dave DeMaio, Builders
Ty Fogerty , Builders
JP Peterson , Builders
Chris Carleton, Mock Ford

We would like to thank the following people for helping to make this a great event. Jim Flanagan of for superb coverage and to Al Doran of Al’s Fastball for his coverage and to Justin Sutton , field prep, Scott and Susan Stout for announcing and scorekeeping all games and selling the souvenir tshirts.

Thanks also to our tournament Committee of Troy Terry, Ken Hix, Scott McGowan and Kelly Richardson. Thanks also to Dan Martin and the Grants Pass Active Club and Dick Olsen and the City of Grants Pass and to Ken and Dwayne for a great free tournament program for the fans and to Scotty McGowan for promoting the event.

Thanks to our Umpires who were incredible, Don Postle from Sacramento, Steve Pean from Medford. and Greg Fowler from Bend and the Concession Stand workers from Hidden Valley and North Valley, Illinois Valley and Grants Pass. Also thanks to NAFA, Delp’s Awards, Discovery Inn Motel and all the program advertisers. Special thanks to the thousands of local fans and family members for making this a true spectator event and thanks to all the players and coaches for making this a fun weekend for all without much drama. And finally, thanks, of course thanks to Bricklen Anderson for giving us a little of that also.

-Benjie Hedgecock

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