Google Map Previews in Gmail

Editor’s note: This new feature in Gmail seems made to order for fastball player and fans. Instead of copying the address to your next tournament, opening google maps, and then pasting the address in, Gmail gives you a map link/preview right inside Gmail.

To activate, go to “Settings”, then “Labs”, then “Enable” the map preview feature. It works well.

From the Google Blog:

Google Maps previews in Gmail
Posted by Mark Knichel, Software Engineer

I often receive emails containing addresses in them — where to meet for dinner, the location of my friend’s new apartment, etc. To find out where these places actually are, I have to copy the address, open up Google Maps, and paste it in. Today, we’re making it easier to see maps of all the addresses you receive in Gmail and Google Buzz.

Enable “Google Maps previews in mail” from the Gmail Labs tab under Settings, and any time you receive an address or a Google Maps link in an email, a preview will appear containing an interactive Google Map of that location. Any Google Maps URL will work, but we currently only extract US addresses (we’re working on making addresses around the world work).

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