The Wide Wide World of Fastball, on Frappr

The Frappr map of fastball teams, players and fans continues to grow, hitting 70 members in only its third day. One of the first to “stake a flag” was Andy McColl way down under in Australia. GHFL’s Blair Setford and a whole block of members from that hotbed of fastball, Ontario, Canada, dropped in. Al Doran, who heads up fastball’s “Holy Grail“, and mailing list, planted his flag and photo. Tom Taylor and the guys up north in BC helped “paint” the rest of the west coast, adding to those up and down the US west coast, including California, home to The Fighting Illini came out in force yesterday to stake their claim. Today’s newest member is Norman Ames over in the Netherlands. Simply amazing to see how wide is this world of men’s fastball. (To “see” flags outside of North America, click their link on the list. Note also that you can click a “photos” link at the top of the page and view the photos, 9 to a page.)

Check out our Frappr!

Thanks to all who have taken the time to “stake a flag” showing us where you are, and especially to those who have fished out a photo or logo to go along with it. If you haven’t posted a flag, it takes just a moment — your zip code and name (or nickname if you prefer) is all that is required. Two-thirds of the postings have included photos, which we strongly encourage. There’s even a place for comments or as the young players call them, a “shout-out” (for your favorite team, for example) Remember that you may post your website address or email address if you wish, so others can reach you.

And if you need a “do-over”, just send me an email and I’ll delete your first attempt and let you start over.

Welcome aboard — to all of you.

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