NorCal Pacific Coast Tournament Series Gets Underway March 18-19, 2006

The Pacific Coast Tournament Series gets underway in Stockton, CA on March 18, 2006. The Northern California Travel League will play round robin games on Saturday, followed by a Single Elimination on Sunday.

Click link below for full schedule of games for the weekend..

Two teams from Sledgehammer’s California Top 10 will be competing, # 3 ranked A-1 Tank, and #6 ranked River City Rockers, though the two will not see each other during Saturday’s round robin play. The Tank will take on Bonanza Air, the Painters, and Oroville, while the Rockers will tackle the West Coast Cardinals, IAC (Italian Athletic Club), and the Lugnuts.

The Tournament Series includes competition at both the A/B level as well as class “C”. 8 teams will compete in the A/B division:

1. Rockers
2. Cardinals
3. IAC
4. Lugnuts
5. A-1 Tank
6. Bonanza Air
7. Painters
8. Oroville

Four teams will compete in the “C” division:

1. Fat City
2. Elk Grove
3. Warriors
4. Bruddah’s

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