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Balancing Act

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

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From the blog at Maddy’s Photos:

This past May 23rd I dropped by Santa Fe Springs, California, to photograph a SCIFL (Southern California Independent Fastpitch League) weekend tournament. Digital cameras have revolutionalized photography, with ever improving equipment available. However, it’s also a balancing act — wanting the newer technology that is better or faster — while at the same time, having the equipment that is battle tested and reliable. At the shoot this past weekend, I was armed with the old and the new. I had my trusty, “steady Eddie” D200 with which I’ve taken thousands of shots over the past few years, along with their newer, faster, D300s to try out. I was looking forward to testing out the new Nikon, billed to be faster, the better to capture the talented, and ever-increasingly faster players that I photograph. It is faster, to be sure, but I was disappointed that it malfunctioned in its first use, and prevented me from sharing all of the shots I took that day. Looks like this new Nikon could have used a bit more beta testing. In the end, the balancing act was won by “steady Eddie”, my D200, which produced the photos shown in my latest gallery of shots. Tried and true, hope you enjoy “Eddie’s” work (and mine).

Click here to view the Gallery of photos from the SCIFL league weekend at Santa Fe Springs, California, May 22-23, 2010.

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First Day of Spring

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

From MaddysPhotos Blog:

It is a sure sign that spring is here when the fastpitch fields are filled with players and surrounded by fans. This past weekend, and on the first day of spring, I found myself in Santa Fe Springs once again, sharing the ballfield with our local (and talented) Southern California players. Other commitments had kept me from shooting the first day of this their first tournament of the season but with camera in hand I went on Sunday to at least catch some of the action. As always, there was no shortage of action to be captured and friends to say hello to. So, although the gallery is not very extensive, I share with you what I consider the best rite of spring: playing fastpitch under sunny skies and sharing it with the best of friends. – Maddy Flanagan.

Click here to view Maddy’s Photos of SCIFL action at Santa Fe Springs, CA, March 21, 2010.

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Maddy’s Photos on Facebook

Monday, February 15th, 2010

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Maddy’s Photos from the 2010 AAU International Tournament

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Theyrrrrre up !

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From the Blog at Maddy’s Photos:

2010 AAU International Tournament Photos Posted
The photos of the 2010 AAU International Tournament have been posted in the 2010 AAU gallery. The tournament as always was excellent thanks to the hard work of Alex Linares and Ken Hackmeister who are the brains behind this wonderfully run tourney. Thirty eight teams graced the fields of Disney’s Wide World of Sports and I was there to see (and hopefully, capture) it all. I am a lucky girl (ahem, photographer) indeed!

This was my seventh consecutive visit to this tournament and I have to say it just gets better every year. It also gets harder to try to photograph everyone and everything that happens on those fields. So, if you don’t see yourself in the photos, do not despair; I shall be there again next year with camera in tow. Just tap me on the shoulder and let me know you are out there and I will do my darndest to capture you in your full glory! Enjoy the photos.

Maddy’s Photos from 2008 ISF Jr. World Championships

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

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From the blog at Maddy’s Photos:

2008 ISF Jr Men’s Championship – Yukon, Canada
Some of you may have wondered whatever happened to the photos I took in 2008 at the Jr Men’s World Championship in White Horse, Yukon, Canada. I was particularly excited about this tournament because of its location: the Yukon and because I do not often get to shoot young fastpitch players. However, access in this tournament was limited as the tournament already had an official photographer. Nonetheless the good folks at White Horse graciously allowed me to shoot anywhere around the ballpark as long as it was not on the field. I have not posted these pictures until now in deference to the official tournament photographer and to not impact her sales. It has been almost 18 months now but reviewing these photos brought back all the excitement. In particular the game between Argentina and New Zealand stands out. The heart shown in that game can be seen in many of the photos but those of us who were lucky enough to watch it in person will never forget the hair-raising ending, the reaction of the winning Argentine team, and the standing ovation given by the fans.

The photos are posted at under 2008 ISF Junior Men’s World Championship (click MP logo above).

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Red Rock Revisited

Monday, December 7th, 2009

In response to requests, Maddy is uploading some of the older galleries to her site. Recent additions include the 2007 Red Rock tournament, posted over the weekend, and noted in her blog:

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I’m playing catchup this weekend and so have posted the last set of photos I took at the Red Rock tournament in 2007. As I reviewed the photos for posting it brought back many memories of that field and that tournament. One of my favorite tournament for many reasons: location, players, quality of game, I still miss shooting this tournament two years later. Click here to take you to the gallery of photos for the 2007 Red Rock Tournament and enjoy revisiting one of the greatest tournaments that men’s fastpitch has to offer. Let’s hope we can one day soon return to this beautiful venue.

Editor’s note: It was interesting to look back at those photos, taken early in the 2007 season out west. Three California teams emerged from that tournament to do great things in 2007.

The So Cal Bombers, the California Lumberkings and A-1 Taylor Farms. The Bombers were runners-up in the 2007 ISC World Tournament, while the Lumberkings and Taylor Farms finished 2-3 in the 2007 ISC II Tournament of Champions. (two teams that would combine a year later and win the ISC II T of C)

At Red Rock 2007, the Bombers topped Team Minnesota, 6-4 in the finals, with the Bomber’s Sean Whitten garnering Most Valuable Pitcher honors. Teammate Steve Pinnochio won MVP Honors. Other Bombers named to the All Tournament team included: Darren Box, Adam LaLonde, Chad Ghostkeeper, Nate Devine and Mike Butler.

Fans at Red Rock 2007 also got a chance to see 2009 ISC Hall of Famer Mike Piechnik, who pitched for Portland.

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Maddy’s Photos of a different kind

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

It is no secret that Maddy is my favorite fastpitch photographer. Readers of this column have shared kind words about her work as well, and have noted some of her other “special event” work posted at her website,

Though it’s not fastpitch, I thought I would share a link to her most recent work, and her blog post about it, called “When Walls Come Tumbling Down”. I’ll leave it to Maddy to tell the story. (click link above for blog post).

Link to the gallery itself is at the end of Maddy’s blog post. (“Walls” above)

Update: Thursday evening, November 12, 2009: Maddy’s Photos of this event are now featured on the website. Click logo below to view article and photos there.

Maddy’s Quad Cities Photos

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Arriving early to Quad Cities to shoot opening ceremonies for the ISC Media Guide, as she has the past several years, Maddy was precluded from doing so when the official WT photog raised a stink with the ISC.

With several days to kill before the start of the ISC II ToC, Maddy set about to photograph the Quad Cities, away from the ball diamonds. The results are now posted in her final gallery, “Quad Cities”, as seen through the eyes of Maddy. Background information on the various locales included in the captions. Enjoy.

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Maddy’s Photos – Final Galleries from 2009 ISC II ToC

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Click here for Maddy’s Photos Gallery, “Opening Ceremonies”

Click here for Maddy’s Photos Gallery, “Around the Ballpark”.

From Maddy’s Photos Blog:

“It is in a bittersweet mood that I finished the task of reviewing and uploading all the photos for the 2009 ISC II – Tournament of Champions. Bittwersweet because it signifies the end of the fastpitch season for me. No more standing in the field and sharing it with the very talented athletes who play this great game called fastpitch. No more smelling the sweet smell of grass as I stand too close to the foul line to get just the right shot. No more chattering with the managers and players as they return to their positions on the field. But all is not lost, as this will all repeat itself next year. Until then I hope you join me in re-visiting, through my photos, the wonderful tournament called the ISC II.

I have uploaded two more galleries: the first gallery is of the photos taken during the Opening Ceremonies (2009 ISC II – Opening Ceremonies) and the second gallery has photos taken around the ballpark of the fans, players and staff (2009 ISC II – Around the Ballpark). My thanks to everyone who each year make this tournament an unforgettable experience for me. From Blair Setford who each year gives me access so I can photograph this great tournament. To the game controllers who always happily accept the task of babysitting my equipment and keep me in stitches with their stories and jokes. To the players whose athletic prowess challenge me each and every game as I try to capture with photographs what they do so easily and with such talent. And last but not least, the umpires, for who I feel a close kinship; sort of brothers in arms you might say, sharing the field game after game but never playing in it. ”


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Maddy’s Photos from 2009 ISC II ToC are up!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

From the Maddysphotos Blog:

ISC II ToC Photos Posted

After a long weekend of post-production work, I finished the “action” photos of the Tournament of Champions tournament. They are posted under the “ISC II – Action” gallery. I still have photos from the Opening Ceremonies to post and some photos I took around the ballpark. Hopefully I will have those up this week. Enjoy!

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