California Classic 2010

The Cal Classic will be held at the brand new Sportsplex in Santee, California, about 20 miles northeast of downtown San Diego.

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Editor’s note: The facility has an on-site restaurant which features a variety of beers. Fans will pay a $2.50 gate admission, but be given a $2.50 token good for use inside the facility towards the first beverage.

Sportsplex USA Santee‎
9951 Riverwalk Drive
Santee, CA 92071
(619) 334-1000

The tournament will feature seven nationally ranked teams (ISC World Tournament rankings) , including three in the top 20, four in the top 25, with likely pitching staffs shown below in parentheses:

# 5 California A’s (Sean Whitten, Travis Price, Derek Mayson, Dave Drotzmann) [Pool A]
# 11 Bakersfield Silverhawks (Sebastian Gervasutti, Andrew Putnam) [Pool B]
# 15 Portland (Bricklen Anderson, Mark Bennett) [Pool A]
#22 Italian Athletic Club* (Tony Peeples, Tyson Barkman, Matt Barnes) [Pool C]
# 26 Rude Pac (Cory Avery, Gerald Pyle) [Pool B]
# 29 Maccabi (Russ Snow, Dave Blackburn, Jason Gluckman and Ronnie Rupp) [Pool A]
# 34 Cal State Builders (Darren Strang, John Peterson) [Pool B]

*pre-season ranking; do not appear in June 8 rankings, after announcing that they would not be competing in the 2010 ISC World Tournament

The top two ranked teams, #5 California A’s and #11 Bakersfield Silverhawks finished 1-2 at the Best of the West tournament earlier this month at Santa Barbara, while #26 Rude Pac and #29 Macabbi tied for third. Macabbi up-ended a very good Mexicali Mexico team in that tournament, while Rude Pac gave the champion California A’s one of their toughest games, falling 2-0 in the semi-finals.

The California Classic will showcase some of the world’s best pitching, with a number hailing from across the continent or beyond:

Sean Whitten (Cal A’s)
Derek Mayson (Cal A’s)
Travis Price (Cal A’s)
Andrew Putnam (Bakersfield Silverhawks)
Bricklen Anderson (Portland)
Cory Avery (Rude Pac)
Tyson Barkman (IAC)

Sebastian Gervasutti (Bakersfield Silverhawks)

Minnesota, USA:
John Peterson (Cal State Builders)

2010 California Classic Pool Play
Saturday, June 19, 2010

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Pool A
1. # 5 California A’s
2. So. Cal Tribe
3. # 29 Maccabi
4. # 15 Portland

Pool B
1. # 34 Cal State Builders
2. # 11 Bakersfield Silverhawks
3. # 26 Rude Pac
4. Pala Braves

Pool C
1. Vancouver Meralomas
2. # 22 IAC
3. Tow’s Pros
4. Barona

Games times * This is the revised schedule of games *

Saturday, June 19, 2010

California A’s vs. Cal State Builders
Bakersfield Silverhawks vs. Portland
Vancouver vs. IAC

California A’s vs. Maccabi
Rude Pac vs. Pala Braves
Vancouver vs. Tow Pro’s

Rude Pac vs. Portland
Bakersfield Silverhawks vs. Cal State Builders
IAC vs. Barona

California A’s vs. Portland
Maccabi vs. Pala Braves
Vancouver vs. Barona

Rude Pac vs. Silverhawks
Cal State Builders vs Pala Braves
IAC vs. Tow Pro’s

Rude Pac vs Maccabi
Tow Pro’s vs Barona

Sunday’s Championship Bracket game times:
12 noon

Watch for bracket to be posted shortly.

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Seeding Procedure: At the conclusion of pool play, teams will be ranked 1-4 in each pool using the following process: The top 2 teams from each pool proceed to Championship Bracket, the bottom 2 teams in each pool will proceed to the Consolation Bracket. Please remember that due to time restrictions Consolation Bracket will begin at 8:00 pm on Saturday night.
A. Pool Play Record
B. Common games (head to head) if it’s a 2-team tie and if applicable
C. Ties:
1. If the above isn’t applicable, the ties will be broken in the following order using all pool games:
a. Fewest Runs Allowed
b. Most Runs Scored
c. Run Differential
d. Coin Flip

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Ballparkradio will be broadcasting live from the California Classic this weekend. Saturday’s broadcasts will feature four of the top (ISC) ranked teams in the tournament.

Joining us as color commentators for the weekend will be Greg Hicks, former member of the California Lumberkings, who worked on Ballparkradio at last year’s ISC Tournament of Champions, and the newest member of the Ballparkradio crew, Steve Miner. Steve is an assistant coach for the San Diego State women’s team, and lifelong fastball player, who played for the legendary Long Beach Nitehawks, and Vista Bombers.

Cal Classic color commentators Steve Miner and Greg Hicks

Listeners can e-mail us during the broadcasts:
live (at)


follow our twitter feed (click the mike):

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Schedule of Broadcasts:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2:00 p.m. Pacific (5:00 pm Eastern)
# 5 California A’s vs. # 15 Portland

4:00 p.m. Pacific (7:00 pm Eastern)
# 26 Rude Pac vs. # 11 Silverhawks

Sunday, June 20, 2010

10:00 a.m. Pacific (1:00 p.m. Eastern)
Semi-final game – teams TBD

12:00 noon Pacific (3:00 p.m. Eastern)
Championship Game – teams TBD

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