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Foul Ball Takes Out Maddy’s Lense

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

We are sorry to report that a foul ball took out Maddy’s best zoom lense Saturday night at the Red Rock tournament in St. George. She was in between shooting and helping with lineups for our broadcasts when a hard foul ball struck the lense head on. She did take a fair number of photos before the mishap, but the galleries for Sunday will be more limited as a result.

Red Rock Results, Standings, Seeding & Sunday Schedule

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

At the conclusion of the pool play portion of the tournament, here are the standings for the pools, and seeding for the single elimination brackets. (1 & 2 seeds in each pool advance to the championship bracket, 3 & 4 to the consolation bracket)


Pool A
Castlewood…3-0…Seed A1
Mexicali…..2-0…Seed A2
Vannelli’s…1-2…Seed A3
Raymar…….0-3…Seed A4

Pool B
Larry Miller Chev…3-0…Seed B1
Savala Painters…..2-1…Seed B2
River City Rockers..1-2…Seed B3
Pueblo Bandits……0-3…Seed B4

Pool C
Hi Desert Dawgs…3-0…Seed C1
So Cal Bombers….2-1…Seed C2
Colorado Rage…..1-2…Seed C3
North Americans…0-3…Seed C4

Pool D
Team Rainey……..3-0…Seed D1
Page Brake………2-1…Seed D2
C/R DeMarini…….1-2…Seed D3
NorCal Mavericks…0-3…Seed D4


Elite Eight – Advancing to Championship Bracket:

Castlewood……….3-0…Seed A1
Mexicali…………2-0…Seed A2
Larry Miller Chev…3-0…Seed B1
Savala Painters…..2-1…Seed B2
Hi Desert Dawgs…..3-0…Seed C1
So Cal Bombers……2-1…Seed C2
Team Rainey………3-0…Seed D1
Page Brake……….2-1…Seed D2

Advancing to the Consolation Bracket:

Vannelli’s………1-2…Seed A3
Raymar………….0-3…Seed A4
River City Rockers.1-2…Seed B3
Pueblo Bandits…..0-3…Seed B4
Colorado Rage……1-2…Seed C3
North Americans….0-3…Seed C4
C/R DeMarini…….1-2…Seed D3
NorCal Mavericks…0-3…Seed D4


11am – B1 Larry Miller Chev vs. C2 So Cal Bombers
11am – D1 Team Rainey s. A2 Mexicali
11am – C1 High Desert Dawgs vs. D2 Page Brake
11am – B2 Painters vs. A1 Castlewood
1pm – Semi: Winner Larry Miller/So Cal Bombers vs. Winner Team Rainey/Mexicali
1pm – Semi: High Desert/Page Brake winner vs. Painters/Castlewood winner
3pm – Championship Game

(*1pm semi and 3pm championship to be broadcast live on *)

9am – B3 River City Rockers vs. C4 North Americans
9am – D3 C/R DeMarini vs. A4 Raymar
9am – C3 Colorado Rage vs. D4 NorCal Mavericks
9am – A3 Vannellis vs. B4 Pueblo Bandits
1pm – Winner River City Rockers/North Americans vs. – Winner C/R DeMarini/Raymar
1pm – Winner Colorado Rage/NorCal Mavericks vs. Winner Vannellis/Pueblo Bandits
3pm – Consolation Championship

Best regards,
Jim Flanagan, for Ken Hackmeister & Josh Olmstead

Red Rock Round Robin Scores

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

9:00am Results from Red Rock Tournament, St. George, UT

Game 1 (Pool A)
Castlewood 17, Mexicali 10
WP-Bill Hillhouse in relief of Steve Black
LP-Kaprio in relief of Alejandro Villalobos

Game 2 (Pool B)
Larry Miller Chev Hogs 4, Pueblo Bandits 1
WP-Cody Thompson
LP-Regan Manley

Game 3 (Pool C)
High Desert Dogs 6, So Cal Bombers 5
LP-Peter Meredith

Game 4 (Pool D)
Page Brake 1, C/R DeMarini 0
WP-Mike Lorange
LP-Mark Bennett

11:00 Results from Red Rock Tournament, St. George, UT

Game 5 (Pool A)
Vannelli’s MN 7, Raymar CA 6 (8 inn)
WP-Darcy Byrne
LP-Anthony Martinez

Game 6 (Pool B)
California Savala Painters 6, Pueblo Bandits 5
WP-Dean Holoien, in relief of Wayne Wells
LP-Jim Fleck
Russ Gozzola, walk off home run to win it for Painters

Game 7 (Pool C)
Colorado Rage 4, North Americans 3

Game 8 (Pool D)
Team Rainey 4, NorCal Mavericks 1
WP-Sonny Perkins
LP-Ed Gasper
HR-Sonny Perkins (Rainey)
1:00 p.m. Results from Red Rock Tournament, St. George, UT

Game 9 (Pool A)
Mexicali MX 9, Raymar 7
WP-Gabriel Marquez, Alejandro Villalobos relief
LP-Gerald Pyle

Game 10 (Pool B)
* Broadcast on* (archive to be posted)
California Painters 7, Pueblo Bandits 5
WP-Dean Holoien (12 K’s)
LP-Regan Manley
HR-Shawn Vanduvall (Pueblo); Larry Ybarra (Painters)

Game 11 (Pool C)
So Cal Bombers 9, Colorado Rage 1
WP-Travis Price
LP-Kirk Smock

Game 12 (Pool D)
Team Rainey 7, C/R DeMarini 2
WP-Bricklen Anderson
LP-Mike Trotter; Mark Bennett relieved in 3rd.
HR-Rod Rainey (two), 3 RBI
3:00 p.m. Results from Red Rock Tournament, St. George, UT

3:00 p.m. Results from Red Rock Tournament, St. George, UT

Game 13 (Pool A)
Mexicali 3, Vannelli’s 1
WP-Roque Espinosa; save – Alejandro Villalobos
LP-Blair Ezekiel
Game 13 (Pool A)
Mexicali vs. Vannelli’s still underway

Game 14 (Pool B)
River City Rockers 7, Pueblo 5
WP-Jim Fleck
LP-Regan Manley
HR-Rob Penticoff (RCR)

Game 15 (Pool C)
So Cal Bombers 10, North Americans 0
WP-Tony Peeples
LP-D. Beets

Game 16 (Pool D)
C/R DeMarini 8, Mavericks 6
WP-Warren, Mark Bennett in relief
LP-Spud Barker
HR-Nasuta, Kvarnstrom

5:00 p.m. Results from Red Rock Tournament, St. George, UT

Game 17 (Pool A)
Castlewood 5, Vannellis 4
WP-Chadwick; LP-D.Byrne

Game 18 (Pool B)
Larry Miller Chev 11, River City Rockers 4
WP-Cody Thompson; LP-Jim Fleck

Game 19 (Pool C)
High Desert Dawgs 12, North Americans 5
WP-Simpkins; LP- M. Bowlin

Game 20 (Pool D)
Page Brake 10, NorCal Mavericks 5
WP-Mike Lorange; LP-Ed Gasper
7:00 p.m. Results from Red Rock Tournament, St. George, UT

Game 21 (Pool A)
Castlewood 13, Raymar 4
WP-Bill Hillhouse; LP-A.Martinez

Game 22 (Pool B)
Larry Miller Chev 10, Calif Savala Painters 3
WP-Dennis Webbb; LP-Ron Mizener

Game 23 (Pool C)
High Desert Dawgs 11, Colorado Rage 8
WP-Ratliff; LP-Tabashnuk

Game 24 (Pool D)
Team Rainey 8, Page Brake 5
* Broadcast on *
WP-Sonny Perkins; Bricklen Anderson save in relief;
LP-Chris Kemper
HR-Chris Hunt (two) (Team Rainey) 4 RBI

End of play Saturday/End of Pool Play Portion of the tournament

Peter Meredith to pitch with So. Cal. Bombers at Red Rock

Friday, April 29th, 2005

Al’s Fastball: Peter Meredith to pitch with So. Cal. Bombers at Red Rock

Calling All Missing Red Rock Rosters

Friday, April 29th, 2005

We still need Red Rock rosters for the following teams, please:

Larry Miller Chev Hogs – SLC, UT
River City Rockers – Sacramento, CA
High Desert Dawgs – AZ & UT
North Americans
Colorado Rage

Please email to us or for further info, click here.

2005 I.S.C. World Championship Guide Now Available

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

Al’s Fastball: 2005 I.S.C. World Championship Guide Now Available

Live Audio Broadcasts from Red Rock Tournament on

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

Here is the streaming audio (live() broadcast schedule of games from the Red Rock Tournament in St. George, Utah:

Saturday, April 30, 2005
1:00 pm: Pueblo Bandits vs. California Painters (12 noon PST, 3pm EST)
7:00 pm: Team Rainey,CA vs. Page Brake, UT (6pm PST, 9pm EST)

Sunday, May 1, 2005
1:00 pm: Semi-Final Game TBA (12 noon PST, 3p.m. EST)
3:00 pm: Red Rock Championship Game (2p.m. PST, 5pm EST)

To listen to the game, just go to,

and click the game you want to listen to. Remember that the game times are for Utah, in the Mountain Time Zone, so adjust accordingly. For those of you on the west coast, subtract one hour; for those of you in the Eastern Time Zone, add two hours.

(Editor’s note: I have received a number of emails asking how teams were selected for the broadcasts. (and why some teams were left out). A number of emails were circulated to all teams inviting them to participate in the program, and to co-sponsor a game. To date, only two have responded.

Ralph Trejo or Cesar Rodriguez, please get in touch with me)

Vancouver Challenge Men’s Open Fastpitch Tournament-July 29-31

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

[Vancouver, BC]-The Vancouver Grey Sox and South Hill Sports Association are pleased to confirm that several top-flight clubs have committed to attend our 4th annual tournament, set for July 29-31 at South Memorial Park. The current list of entrants is:

(1) Broken Bow Spirit of Amsterdam, New York (2004 ISC Champions);
(2) Saskatoon Aspen Interiors Black Sox (2004 Canadian Champions);
(3) Calgary Smokers (2004 ISC’s – 3rd place);
(4) Vancouver Grey Sox (silver medallists at 2004 Canadian Nationals);
(5) Prince George (BC) Black Bears (hosts of 2006 Canadian Nationals);
(6) New Westminster (BC) Van City (2002 BC Sr B Champions).

We are able to accomodate a total of 8 teams. Any additional teams that wish to participate in this prestigious event and experience some top calibre competition, should reply as soon as possible by e-mail to:

Conrad Margolis,
Vancouver Grey Sox

More RR Rosters (Bombers, Mexicali, Vannellis & C/R DeMarini)

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

Rosters for the So Cal Bombers, Mexicali, Vannelli’s and CR/DeMarini are now posted in our Red Rock pages. The Bombers are in the “B” pool, and will play the High Desert Dawgs (AZ/UT), North Americans and the Colorado Rage. Vannelli’s/Rice Street (MN) and Mexicali Secc. 37 are in the “A” pool and will play each other and Castlewood and Raymar. CR/DeMarini is in the “D” pool, and will face Page Brake, NorCal Mavericks, and Team Rainey.

Red Rock Team Rosters

Nic Underhill signs with So. Cal. Bombers for I.S.C.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

To quote a friend’s reaction “Wow!”. Reminiscent of the days when Sioux City had “The Four Aces”. The Bombers now have them in a different suit: Underhill, Price, Peeples and Valdez. eScribe: Al’s Fastball: Nic Underhill signs with So. Cal. Bombers for I.S.C.