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Major Upgrade of Firefox (1.5) Released Today

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

We generally include our “tech” notes and recommendations in the “tech” section of the Fastpitchwest Forum. From time to time, though, we run across a significant development in the world of tech that we think warrants inclusion in the Morning Brief. Today’s release of a major upgrade of the Firefox webbrowser, version 1.5 is cause for special attention.

For those of you already using Firefox, I think you will love the upgrade from version 1.07 to version 1.50. Rather than telling you what’s new, I’ll leave that to the folks that designed it tell you. Click the logo above.

For those of you asking “What is Firefox”, we’ll say simply that it’s an alternative — and big improvement — over Internet Explorer. (more…)

Portland Looking for a Pitcher

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Portland CR DeMarini is looking for an additional pitcher for the 2006 season to round out our staff.. Team is planning to attend ISC’s as well as several West Coast tournaments. Contact: Roger Jones (503) 887-3200 or Brian Ree (971) 253-9030; bree10 (at)

New Website for 2006 Senior Canadians

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Click here to visit the new website for the 2006 Senior Canadians, to be held in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

(Cap tip to Seldon Bjorklund)

New Kegel Black Knights Website

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

The Kegel Black Knights have rolled out their new website. Click here to check it out. Another in the ever growing list of team websites. Great for the game! And thanks, Kegel, for including Fastpitchwest on your links page. Front and center.!

7th Annual Red Rock Invitational, St. George, UT

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

From Al’s Fastball: 7th Annual RED ROCK INVITATIONAL
May 6-7, 2006

(click logo for Fastpitchwest’s Red Rock Tournament pages)

Want to see the spectacular scenery of Red Rock that everyone’s talking about? Click here to see Maddy’s “Red Rock Panoramic”. (and if your browser does not “shrink” the photo to see the panorama, try right-mouse clicking, then “view image”.) It’s a large file, so be patient while it loads.

Happy Birthday, Vin

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

We send along our birthday greetings to Hall of Fame Baseball announcer, Vin Scully. 78 and still going strong. Fifty-five (55) years behind the mike for the Dodgers. Incredible. Happy Birthday, Vin.

For a bit more on his illustrious career, click here.

There are many, many audio clips of Vin Scully’s fine work. Click here to listen to one of my favorites from a game I was lucky enough to see in person, between the Dodgers and the Yankees in June 2004. Who would know that Dave Roberts, featured in this clip, would be turning the Yankees on their ear, months later, as a member of the Red Sox? It’s a large file, so please be patient while it download to play.

Hugh Hillhouse Re-signs with Elkland for 2006 Season

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

The story on Hugh Hillhouse (brother of Bill) comes from Al’s Fastball, with this interesting note:

Hillhouse re-wrote the Elkland Fastpitch pitching record book last season, when he finished the season with 19-4 record, with 157 strikeouts and a 2.22 ERA in 26 games. During the season, Hillhouse began the year starting out with a 10-0 pitching record through the teams first 4 tournaments of the year.

One of the more surprising aspects of Hillhouse’s season was the fact that he pitched the last 3 tournaments of the season with a broken bone in his foot, after he suffered the injury during batting practice at the 2005 NAFA World Series. Hillhouse was unaware of the broken bone in his ankle until a trip to the doctors after the season. During those three tournaments, despite constant pain in his ankle, Hillhouse compiled a 6-2 record, with 60 strikeouts and a 3.25 ERA in 47.33 innings.

Hugh’s brother Bill Hillhouse, serves here at Fastpitchwest as the moderator for the ISC section of the Fastpitchwest Forum, had an outstanding 2005 ISC World Tournament for Keatings Fitness of PA, just missing the Sweet Sixteen in a playoff game. Bill is a former member of Team USA, and teaches pitching at “House of Pitching”. Be sure to take a look at his website, if you haven’t lately. A DVD is available for those who want to learn a bit more.

Long Beach Black Sox Announce All Time Career Leaders

Monday, November 28th, 2005

The Long Beach Black Sox, in existences since 2003 released their complete book of career stats. Black Sox founder, player-GM Fred Hanker leads in 14 of 15 offensive categories:

Watch the Black Sox website for more news soon, on a free-agent signing for ’06 by GM Fred Hanker.

Team Canada Announces 2006 Selection Camp

Monday, November 28th, 2005

From Al’s Fastball:
Mens National Softball Team Announces 2006 Selection Camp – CA

Pitcher Grant Patterson back with Midland for ’06

Monday, November 28th, 2005

From Al’s Fastball:
Midland Explorer News