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Morning Brief is a sometimes daily, sometimes weekly column written by Jim Flanagan, editor of Fastpitchwest. It is a blog, (“weblog”), a collection of notes, thoughts, commentary, and musings about the world of men’s fastpitch. It is designed as a companion to our main website, Fastpitchwest, http://www.fastpitchwest.com, which was started in 1998 for the purpose of providing news and information on the game of men’s fastpitch, which we consider the finest amateur sport around.

We utilize “blogging” software, (WordPress) to present the Morning Brief, as it offers a variety of features which help me present its content to you and to organize it for both your and my convenience. In short, it’s a quicker and more organized way of getting men’s fastpitch news and information to you.

We invite you to wander around the Morning Brief and try out some of the cool features, such as the search engine, and archives, and to post your own comments to any post you wish. We do offer “RSS Syndication”, meaning you can plug our RSS URL into your news reader and get an emails when a new item has been posted.

We are pleased to have you as readers, and hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions, by clicking the link to “Contact Morning Brief’, over there on the right hand side of the page.

Jim Flanagan, Editor

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