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Six Teams at ASA “B” Nationals

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

CFD Kokomo IND Wins 6 Team ASA “B” National

Looking for an update, or any information on the ASA “B” National in McAllen, Texas? We didn’t find much, but we did speak by phone with the tournament director, who advised that the tournament just concluded, with CFD Kokomo, Indiana beating Team Pape of California in the finals, 2-1.

Here is a blank bracket for the 6 team tournament.

Updated bracket not available. We were advised that the the “City’s IT people don’t work on weekends”.

Host Cities for 2009 ASA Nationals

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

With the focus on ASA National tournaments over this Labor Day Weekend, we thought it would be a good time to mention the cities designated by ASA as hosts for next year’s 2009 ASA Nationals:

South Bend, Indiana 7/30/2009 -8/2/2009

Decatur, Illinois 9/2/2009-9/7/2009

Prescott, AZ, Pioneer Park Complex, 9/2/2009 -9/7/2009

C – “East”
Decatur, Illinois 9/2/2009-9/7/2009

C “West”
Hastings, Nebraska 9/2/2009-9/7/2009

See our recent blog post, “ASA C Nationals Split in Two”

North Mankato, Minnesota 7/29/2009-8/2/2009

Springfield, Missouri 8/26/2009 -8/30/2009

Fresno, California 9/10/2009 – 9/13/2009

Prescott, AZ, Pioneer Park Complex, 9/25/2009-9/27/2009

Click here for the complete, official list.

Editor’s notes:

Anyone who played over the weekend in Prescott, AZ had to be impressed with the improvements at the Pioneer complex. I was there when they hosted the 2005 50+, and it was rough, and rocky. They brought in 17 tons of top quality red brick dust for the infields, manicured the outfield grass, and put up white tubular portable fencing at championship distances, turning it into a first rate facility. Don Fishel and Sharon Mitchell and their crew do a great job of hosting, and making the teams feel welcome. They’re on site, posting results promptly, including an online bracket with daily results. Next year’s Class B and 50+ will be in good hands.

Italian Athletic Club in ASA “A” Final Today

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

The Italian Athletic Club (IAC), aka Team Rainey is in the championship game of the ten team ASA “A” Nationals at Gladstone, Missouiri. Four teams remain alive as the tournament heads into its final day on Sunday, August 31, 2008. New Image, Wisconsin plays the Topeka Toros at 9am Sunday morning, with the winner taking on Team CR from Portland, Oregon at 11am for a shot at IAC in the finals.

IAC defeated Team CR earlier in the tournament by a 3-2 score, sending them into the loser’s bracket. Team CR had 3-0 wins over the other two teams still in the hunt, New Image, WI and the Topeka Toros.

Click here for the bracket, updated through play on Saturday, August 30, 2008.

Here is a list of the nine (9) teams in the tournament:

Mid-America Region # 12
Topeka Toros – Topeka, KS

Great Lakes Region # 8
New Image Fastpitch – Montfort, WI

Pacific Coast Region # 14
Italian Athletic Club – Stockton, CA

Northwest Region # 15
Team CR-Portland – Vancouver, WA

Order of Finish

5-HBC Lightning – Homer, MI 2-2
5-Broncos Fastpitch – Cerro Doreo, IL1-2
7-National Investors – Albany, MO 1-2
7-Herzog – St. Joseph, MO 1-2
9-Pete’s Blue Softball – Swansea, IL 1-2
9-KC Angels – Kansas City, MO 0-3

Schedule for Final Day of ASA “C” Nationals

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Eight teams left in the ASA “C” Nationals at Prescott, AZ:

Landis Supermarkets, PA
Katman Sports East of Wareham MA

G2, AZ
Piper Lake, KS
Santa Rosa, CA
Tuscon Hurricanes, AZ
Manor Dirtbags, TX
Salt Lake Magic, UT

(Game Numbers by the Bracket)


Winner’s Bracket Final
95. Landis Supermarkets PA vs. Katman Sports, MA


Sixth Round – Sunday games
91. Manor Dirt Bags TX vs. Salt Lake Magic UT
92. Santa Rosa CA vs. Tuscon Hurricanes, AZ
93. Piper Lake KS vs. winner of Manor Dirt Bags TX/Salt Lake Magic UT
94. G2 AZ vs. winner of 92. Santa Rosa CA/Tuscon Hurricanes, AZ

Seventh Round – Sunday Games
96. Winner 93 vs. Winner 94.

Eighth Round
97. Winner 96 vs. Loser 95

98. Winner 97 vs. Winner 95

99. “if game”

Click here for bracket through Saturday’s games

Day 3 Scores from ASA “C” Nationals

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

[PRESCOTT, AZ] – Click here to view the updated bracket for games played through Saturday, August 30, 2008.

ASA “C” Nationals – Day 3

The ASA “C” National concluded play on the third of four days, Saturday, August 30, 2008, with just eight of the original fifty teams still alive. The eight teams represent 7 different states, with host Arizona having two teams still in the hunt.

Landis Supermarkets, PA will take on Katman Sports East of Wareham MA in the winner’s bracket final at 12 noon PDT today. Landis reached the finals with a 17-2 pounding of G2 of Wilcox, AZ, while Katman topped Piper Lake, KS, 12-2.

Katman is averaging more than 13 runs per game, while Landis is averaging more than 12. Landis has outscored opponents 64-14, while Katman outscoring opponents 67-41.

The Championship game is set for tonight, Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. with the “if” game slated for 8:30 p.m.

The Elite Eight:

Landis Supermarkets, PA
Katman Sports East of Wareham MA

G2, AZ
Piper Lake, KS
Santa Rosa, CA
Tuscon Hurricanes, AZ
Manor Dirtbags, TX
Salt Lake Magic, UT

(By Game Number on the bracket)


Winner’s Quarterfinals:

77. Landis Supermarkets, PA 10, Manor Dirt Bags TX 2
78. G2, AZ 6, Salt Lake Magic UT 3
79. Piper Lake KS 18, Da Bruddahs CA 14
80. Katman Sports, MA 22, Tuscon Hurricanes AZ 10

Winner’s Semi-Finals:

89. Landis Supermarkets PA 17, G2 AZ 2
90. Katman Sports MA 12, Piper Lake KS 4


Second Round

61. Shockers NM 18, Brewers, AZ 5
62. Twin Pine, PA 7, Eagle AA, PA 6
63. Savala Silverhawks, CA 8, ABQ Hitmen, NM 7
64. So Carolina Tornadoes 12, Funky Monkey, CA 3
65. Lumpy’s UT 3, So Cal Hustlers CA 2
66. Nor-Cal, CA 10, Atlanta Vipers, GA 6
67. San Diego Primetime, CA 7, Boise River Dogs, ID 6
68. Wolf Pack NM 10, Vergedaal Shellers CA 6

Third Round

69. Shockers NM 11, Tuscon Ratllers AZ 5
70. Twin Pine PA 8, Montgomery CO 5
71. Colorado Rage CO 11, Savala Silverhawks CA 9
72. Santa Rosa, CA 14, South Carolina Tornadoes SC 9
73. Lumpy’s UT 8, Brotherton Pipeline OR 7
74. Nor-Cal CA 11, KHT Pumpers CA 2
75. San Diego Primetime CA 10, Cedar Ridge UT 2
76. Wolf Pack NM 6, Prescott Cool Arrow, AZ 1

Fourth Round
81. Wolf Pack NM 6, San Diego Primetime CA 5
82. Nor-Cal CA 7, Lumpy’s UT 2
83. Santa Rosa CA 10, Colorado Rage CO 8
84. Shockers NM 8, Twin Pine PA 3

Fifth Round
85. Manor Dirt Bags TX 15, Wolf Pack NM 6
86. Salt Lake Magic UT 14, Nor-Cal CA 6
87. Santa Rosa CA 16, Da Bruddahs CA 8
88. Tuscon Hurricanes AZ 11, Shockers NM 10

Hustlers Fall, Eliminated from ASA “C” Nationals

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

After a wild, 8 run, seventh inning comeback on Friday night, the So Cal Hustlers (aka the editor’s team) were eliminated by Lumpy’s of Utah, Saturday morning. The Hustlers tied the game in the 5th on a solo home run by catcher Marcel Bernal, but Utah score in the top of the 6th for the 3-2 win. Steve Black picked up the win in relief of Russ Chadwick, while the Hustler’s Joe Salcido went the distance. The Hustlers finished with a 1-2 record (winning 10-9, and losing by scores of 4-2 and 3-2)

In other So Cal action, San Diego Primetime won two games Saturday, before falling in their third and being eliminated. San Diego beat the Boise River Dogs of Idaho 7-6, and Cedar Ridge, Utah 10-2, before losing a close one, 6-5 to the Wolfpack of New Mexico. San Diego also beat local rivals, the Amigos on Friday, finishing the tournament with a 3-2 record. Their first game loss was also by one run, to G2 Wilcox, which is one of the eight remaning teams headed into the final day of the tournament Sunday.

ISC Changes for 2009

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

For immediate release and posting

Summary of ISC Changes for 2009

At the recent ISC Board of Directors meeting in Kimberly, the following changes were approved for implementation in 2009. They appear below in no particular order of importance.

1. ISC II Player Reclassification Request Deadline – Appeals to have current World Tournament players reclassified for ISC II eligibility, must be submitted no later than June 1. See new process for requesting reclassification below.

2. Reclassification and Appeal Form Created – A new form and process for reclassifications and appeals has been created and is now displayed on the ISC Web Site Click on Rules & Forms link in the left margin of front page.

A. The initial team request or appeal must be sent to the Regional Vice President.

Decision to be made within 5-business days.

B. Player reclassification requests from teams, denied at the Regional level, may be appealed to the ISC II Reclassification Committee and and a decision will be made within 5-business days.

C. Player reclassification requests denied by the ISC II Reclassification Committee and all other appeals denied at the Regional level, may be appealed to the ISC Executive Committee by submitting the appeal form and a non-refundable $100 credit card fee and sending it to the ISC Executive

Director. Decision to be made within 5-business days.

D. Appeal decisions made by the ISC Executive Committee are final.

3. PRAWN Age Factor – If a non-PRAWN player makes an ISC All-World team in or after the calendar year of his 45th birthday, that player will be considered a PRAWN for only one year. PRAWN players who have made or make an ISC All-World team in the calendar year of their 41st through 44th birthday may request to be excluded from the PRAWN list in the calendar year of their 46th birthday by providing proof of age to the ISC Executive Director by May 1.

The changed PRAWN rules are shown on the ISC Web Site (Rules & Forms) and the 2009 PRAWN list is also on the web site (Tournaments link and scroll down to the bottom of the page).

4. ISC II Move-up Berths – Beginning with 2009 ISC II Tournament of Champions, the top two finishing teams will be provided automatic berths in the following year’s ISC World Tournament (2010), and will not be eligible for ISC II qualifiers or the Tournament of Champions in that following year.

5. Mexico and Caribbean Return to US Regions – For 2009 ISC play, residents of Mexico and Caribbean countries will be attached to US Regions as they were in the 2007 season. Mexico is divided between US West and US Central while all Caribbean countries become part of US East. The revised Regional Definitions will appear on the ISC Web Site and in the 2009 ISC World Championship Guide.

6. South American Player Rep – Due to the number of South American players, now participating in ISC and ISC II play, a South American Player Rep will be named to serve on the ISC Player Rep Committee.

7. Out of Region Form Discontinued – The Out of Region – Player Letter of Intent Form will be eliminated beginning in 2009. The new process involves having the Out of Region player, send an email commitment to the ISC Executive Director no later than May 1. The team manager is to be copied on the email. On or before May 1, the team manager completes the Out of Region Team Recap Form and mails it to the ISC Executive Director with the appropriate fee. The Team Recap form will be displayed on the ISC Web Site (Rules & Forms link).

Sample email commitment from player is simply: “I intend to play the 2009 ISC season with (team name)”. Most player email addresses contain the players name so few if any problems are expected with this new, simplified process.


8 Run 7th Keeps So Cal Hustlers Alive at ASA “C” Nationals

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Dave Hess Drives Seventh Inning Comeback with Leadoff Single and Game Winning Homer For So Cal Hustlers

There are comebacks, and then there are COMEBACKS. After dropping their opening round game to Tuscon, 4-2 Friday morning, the So Cal Hustlers (aka the editor’s team) were playing for survival at the 50 team ASA “C” Nationals in Prescott, Arizona. Playing against a fast young team from Pennsylvania, they fell behind quickly and started to dig — in the wrong direction. A couple of home runs later, and they were looking at a mountain of a deficit, 9-2 headed in the bottom of the 7th inning.

Hustler’s leadoff batter David Hess led off the 7th with a base hit up the middle. Inauspicious enough, considering his team trailed by seven runs. When his single was followed by a run scoring triple, one player was heard to say “Get those life support machines back on, there is still a pulse”. Then a double. Then a walk. And another hit. And a hit batter. A triple to gap by Matt Shaw trimmed the lead to 9-5, and Hustler players started to joke about the comeback. Another double, and it was 9-7. A ground out to first put the tying runs in scoring position — but with two out. The Hustlers had batted around and it was up to leadoff hitter David Hess, who had started the remarkable rally. Lefty Hess went the other way with a long drive that carried over the left fielder’s head. The tying runs scored easily, while Hess labored coming around third. Third base coach Steve Profitt waved wildly for Hess to go home. The throw was headed to the plate as Hess dove head first — a good 10 feet from the plate. But the throw sailed to the backstop, and Hess scampered on his hands and knees with the game winning run, capping the wild, amazing 10-9 comeback.

The Hustlers lived to play another day, starting at 8am Saturday morning, against Lumpy’s of Salt Lake City, UT.

ASA “C” Nationals – Second & Third Round Scores

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

[PRESCOTT, AZ] – Click here to view the updated bracket for games played through Friday, August 29, 2008.

ASA “C” Nationals – First Round Scores

Friday, August 29th, 2008

California Teams Struggle at ASA “C” Nationals

The Golden State may have the most teams in the tournament with 14 of the 50 team field, but its teams are struggling in the early going, with most falling in first round games. Lots more action to go before the weekend is over. Most teams sizing up the competition right about now, trying to see whose ringers are better than their own.

* We’ll have an updated bracket posted tonight, so keep an eye out **

Unbeaten Teams, midday Friday, with 2-0 records:

Tuscon Rattlers, AZ
Montgomery, CO
Colorado Rage, CO
Landis, PA
Manor Dirt Dogs, TX
Wilcox, AZ

Winner’s Bracket, First Round Scores:


Following Game Numbers from Bracket:

1. Tuscon Rattlers 4, Vergedaal, CA 2
2. Landis PA 16, Wolf Pack 0
3. Montgomery 12, Badger Roofing, Prescott, AZ 11
4. Manor Dirt Bags, TX 9, Amigos (Calif.) 1
5. G2, Wilcox AZ 2, Vipers, GA 1
6. Colorado Rage 10, Nor-Cal 9
7. River Dogs ID 9, Risers (N.M.) 2
8. A Perfect Game, CA 14, Vandehey (Prescott) AZ 0
9. Magic (Utah) 8, Blue Lake (Pa.) 3
10. Brewers (Window Rock) AZ 7, Caribbean, 0, forfeit
11. Sundevils (N.M.) 5, Panteras II (Calif.) 4
12. Eagle AA, PA 14, Brennan Aire (Prescott) 6
13. KHT Pumpers, CA 5, Progressive (Prescott) AZ 4
14. Silverhawks, CA 15, Twin Pine (Pa.) 14
15. Katman (Mass.) 14, Barros (Prescott) AZ 11
16. Hitmen (N.M.) 17, vs. Flor De Cana (Calif.), 1
17. South Carolina Tornadoes 7, Shockers (N.M.) 6
18. Tuscon Hurricanes 7, Bloodline 0
19. Tuscon Rattlers 4, So Cal Hustlers 2
20. Landis PA 9, Lumpys UT 7
21. Montgomery, CO 11, Tuscon Hawks, AZ 3
22. Manor Dirt Bags 13, ABQ Bulls 7
23. G2 Wilcox AZ 5, San Diego Primetime 4
24. Colorado Rage 10, River Dogs, ID 6

Games 25-on in progress midday on Friday.

(at Pioneer Park #1)

Techna Glass (N.M.) vs. TBA, 10 a.m.
Cool Arrows (Prescott) vs. TBA, Noon
(at Pioneer Park #2)
Lumpy’s (Utah) vs. TBA, 8 a.m.
Da Bruddahs (Calif.) vs. TBA, 10 a.m.
Funky Monkey (Calif.) vs. TBA, Noon
(at Pioneer Park #3)
Hawks (Tucson) vs. TBA, 8 a.m.
Pipeline (Ore.) vs. TBA, 10 a.m.
(at Pioneer Park #4)
Bulls (N.M.) vs. TBA, 8 a.m.

Piper Lake (Kan.) vs. TBA, 10 a.m.
(at Ken Lindley Field)
Primetime (Calif.) vs. TBA, 8 a.m.
Guns (Peoria) vs. TBA, 10 a.m.
(at Bill Vallely Field)
Santa Rosa (Calif.) vs. TBA, 10 a.m.
Cedar Ridge (Utah) vs. TBA, Noon