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NAFA Masters East vs West Battle in Vegas – October 23-24

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Hotel update at bottom of post.

(click logo for official NAFA website)

Las Vegas Oct 23-24(no friday games) NAFA Masters East vs West Battle in Vegas(ok Henderson 20 min from the Las Vegas Airport)

Coaches, please read the details of the 1st Las Vegas October NAFA Masters Tournament and then confirm that you are coming or if you need a few more players to make it.

If any of you have players that are interested have them email me and I will get them on a team.

If you are coming or thinking about coming and we have left your team name off the list, email me asap.

The following teams have verbally entered but we need each of you to confirm again and any other team that wishes to play please confirm also asap so we can send the schedule out next week.

Saturday and Sunday October 23-24(no friday games)

airline deals has a special to Las Vegas right now and there are similar specials on other airlines including, and

Motel(this is a great rate so please support the host motel) it is 7 minutes from the ball park
Host Motel is

first game

50-over first game at 8:30am
40 and 45-over first game times are at 10:15am

last game
championship game for each division
40 and 45 championship games scheduled at 2pm
50-over championship game scheduled at 4pm

rules for players
teams and individuals that participated in the east or west nafa masters in 2010 and anyone listed on the roster for the east or west nafa masters may participate.

playing facility address

Arroyo Grande Sports Complex
Henderson, Nevada(just 8 miles from the Las Vegas Airport)
Arroyo Grande Sports Complex
298 Arroyo Grande Blvd.
Henderson, Nevada 89014

From the Las Vegas Airport(just 8 miles from the las vegas airport):

1. Head southeast on Airport Sht Term Park 443 ft
2. Continue onto E Landing Strip Ave 0.1 mi
3. Turn left to merge onto N Airport Con 0.3 mi
4. Turn right at E Russell Rd 4.1 mi
5. Turn right at Mountain Vista St 1.0 mi
6. Continue straight onto W Sunset Rd 0.9 mi
7. Turn right at N Arroyo Grande Blvd 1.2 mi

Hello Benjie,

It was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday regarding the North American Fastpitch Association – October Tournament taking place in Henderson, Nevada. Thank you for your consideration of Fiesta Henderson Hotel & Casino! Regarding rates for your requested dates in October 2010, I was able to get approval on lowering the $52.00 weekend rate as follows:

$28.99 – Midweek (Sunday-Thursday)
This rate inclusive of hotel fee and tax is $44.05 per night (midweek)

$49.99 – Weekend (Friday)
This rate inclusive of hotel fee and tax is $67.78 per night (Friday)

$47.99 – Weekend (Saturday)
This rate inclusive of hotel fee and tax is $65.52 per night (Saturday)

Warm Regards,
Janice Raresheid | Sales Manager
Fiesta Henderson Casino ● Hotel
777 West Lake Mead Parkway | Henderson, Nevada 89015
Tel 702.558.7000 Direct 702.567.7244 Fax 702.567.7409

2010 ISC World Tournament Wrap Up

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

From Kyle Beane:

Midland, MI

For all the anticipation, planning, and work that went into the 2010 ISC, it seemed like the start date of August 13th would never arrive. And once it did, the days seemed longer than ever….but then, all of the sudden, it was championship Saturday, and the tournament was coming to a close. And now, a month later, players, teams and fans are already looking to the future and what comes next – for their teams, their sponsors and for the future of the sport.

Our committee has heard from many of the different constituents that were part of the tournament, and we’re thrilled that the response has been positive. The City of Midland has a long-standing reputation for running excellent events for Men’s Fastpitch, and we wanted to continue that tradition. We’re very proud to now be part of the history in Midland that has included ASA and ISF events that fans from all over the world look back at fondly.

Without the following groups of people and organizations, this tournament would not have happened…all of the following groups needed to be in sync with each other to make this a success.

Sponsors: The following business and organizations provided various support to the tournament – financial, manpower, services, products – and all were integral in the tournament. Our deep thanks goes out to them.

Home Run

Dow Chemical
Valley Plaza Resort
Midland Resort
Midland Softball Association
Dow Corning
Midland Convention and Visitors Bureau


Strosacker Foundation
HH and GA Dow Foundation
Gerstacker Foundation
EGL Currie Foundation
Muehlenbeck Distributing
Mid-Michigan Health


Sports Junction
Chemical Bank
Gillis Softball Academy
Kenrye Website Design
Charter Communication

Wolverine Bank
Great Lakes Loons
Tri-Tech Cable
Boulevard Lounge
Reese Developmental League
The H Hotel
Jack’s Fruit Market
Mark Bone Agency
Gallo Wine
In-Focus Photography
Quick & Reliable Printing
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Berryhill American Legion
Kokaly Lawn Sprinklers
Dictating Machine Service

One of the unknown factors in running a tournament of this size is the amount of support that the host (especially a first time host) will receive from the community. And that support is absolutely essential. Whether it’s taking tickets, selling programs, running water buckets, pouring beer, keeping score, announcing games, running a scoreboard, cleaning up the park, watching the parking lots, chasing foul balls, or just being an extra set of hands to help with duties that come up out of the blue…..all of those areas were covered and handled with care and professionalism.

Our final count of volunteers was well over 200, and each individual and group that was part of the tournament has the Host Committees sincere gratitude for their participation.

Local Media: From the very beginning of the process, the Midland Daily News became an active supporter of the ISC Tournament, and continued that throughout the completion. Sports Editor Chris Stevens, writer John Kennet, and former Sports Editor Don Winger all proved support, encouragement and great articles/commentary that added to the bigger picture of getting the word out to fans everywhere.

The Saginaw News
, led by Sports Editor Paul Neumeyer and writer Geoff Mott also covered the tournament with great care and detail. By tying in the 1981 tournament into the 2010 version, they allowed fans from that era to relive some of the great moments from almost 30 years ago. Additionally, Geoff Mott provided a live, online blog/chat for fans during an Explorers game and during the championship game that attracted fans from all over the world.

Sincere thanks and gratitude to both newspapers for helping to make the media portion of this event professional, timely and accurate

ISC Media:
Whether it was Al Doran, Jim Flanagan, or the BallPark Radio Crew, the ISC Staff and it’s peripheral support people were all more than happy to assist in the promotion of the tournament and the sport. The world-wide coverage that is possible with the various websites, forums and media only enhance the overall aspect of the tournament and the sport. Every little bit does truly help and their efforts helped make the tournament complete.

Grounds Crew:
Simply put, the Midland Parks and Rec group that spent their time at Emerson Park and Redcoats Complex worked their tails off during the tournament to make the grounds, facilities, and playing fields the best they could be. Whether it was repairing pitchers mounds on a moment’s notice, mowing grass in the middle of the night, or getting trash picked up, they are the unsung heroes of the tournament.

Additionally, the Great Lakes Loons grounds crew were a great resource of ideas and help during the tournament – they did some coaching, some teaching, some repairing and the spirit of cooperation that was shown was appreciated by all involved.

Host Committee: Finally, the group of people who made up the Host Committee is a unique collection of softball people, business leaders, players and fans. Their very common trait is that they are passionate about softball, and it showed in their dedication to the tournament.

Don Hartz
– Bringing a much needed ‘non-softball’ perspective to the group, Don helped in fundraising, meeting organization and vision. Don was a great sounding board for the group and helped to push through details to make sure the bigger picture was considered. He was also a fixture at the park helping to coordinate the volunteers on a daily basis.

Pete Finn – If there was a connection to be made in the Midland Community, Pete had it. Bringing a players, and an organizers perspective to the committee, Pete was in a unique position to offer his expertise because he’s been on both sides of the ISC/tournament atmosphere. Pete put in long and important hours at the park, and was instrumental in the tournament’s success.

Jack Starling – Throughout the process, Jack brought a sense of balance to the committee, and helped temper many discussions with a different point of view, which helped lead to the best possible solution. Another one of the group that helped lead the volunteers during their workdays, Jack spent a ton of time greeting fans at the ticket gate and making sure that process ran smoothly.

Kristen Wright
– During the course of tournament planning, Kristen helped get the word out through the local and greater Michigan communities via any social media that was available. She was also our point person on the Chamber of Commerce and helped the committee find ways to utilize the networking that membership provided.

Marcie Post / Karen Murphy / Jesse Stewart
– Our Parks and Rec support from the very beginning of this process was excellent. They were receptive to ideas, to change, to suggestions and worked with us every step of the way to make sure their facilities were ready for teams and fans.

Trey Lee / Neil Faccio –
The two representatives on the committee from the co-host team of Mickey’s Sleds, Trey and Neil recruited the concession vendors for the tournament. From the comments from fans and players, it was a great mix of offerings at fair prices, which is a win-win solution for all involved. They also spent plenty of time rolling out tarps at night with other members of the Mickey’s team, and helping to staff and supervise the beer tents and ticket gates.

Lee Isenhart – Hall of Fame Breakfast, Tournament Director, Campsites, ISC Commissioner, Explorers Booster Club Past-President….the list of things that Lee worked on is pretty amazing. Anyone who saw him at the park knows that he started working first thing in the morning and finished late into the night.

Jim Volk – If there was a detail to consider, a contingency to plan for, or something that we hadn’t thought of, Jim found it. Absolutely tireless, I’d be shocked if he missed an inning during the tournament. Being the Host Committee’s main point of contact for the ISC in terms of fields, game play, scheduling, and the overall execution once the games started, Jim was an ‘A+’, without question.

Marc Gillis – The third piece of the Tournament Director staff, Marc worked the Redcoats Complex, the U-19 Tournament, and the Legends tournament to keep things running smoothly, and did so with his usual efficiency. What many people may not realize is that Marc was the right-hand man for his Dad, Art, at the 1981 ISC in Saginaw – a lot of the committee work that our group completed with a 20+ person group was handled by Marc, Art and only a couple others, which makes the 1981 tournament even more impressive.

Clint Beane – If there was an errand to run, something to pick up, an extra set of hands to help set up something, or a piece of work that didn’t have a volunteer, Chet took care of it. I don’t know how many miles he put on during the week, but I don’t think many people put any more on.

Ellen Beane – Taking care of details at the park with the ticket gate, programs, beer tent, and vendors…along with record-keeping for the team and the tournament committee (along with being the Explorers #1 fan), Ellen didn’t miss a beat.

Steve Horning – Doing behind the scenes work for the team, as well helping to coordinate hotels with teams and fans, Steve continued what he’s done for the team for years – helping out where ever he can to make sure things run smoothly.

Lanny Dexter – If there was a question about a vendor process, the beer tent, food menus, pricing, or set-up…Lanny was the man. His ‘real-world’ experience in the industry brought much-needed insight into how to run the food/drink portion of the tournament.

Jeff Servinski – ‘Sod’ wore a lot of hats over the course of the tournament – coordinating the insurance policies we needed, fundraising, writing media releases, pushing tarps, fixing mounds, helping out the grounds crew, leading opening ceremonies and doing color commentary on the MCTV broadcast. For those who know him well, his level of involvement is not a surprise – one of the hardest workers, and most conscientious, of anyone that’s ever been involved with the Explorers organization.

Laura Currie – Given her own, and her family’s legacy with Midland softball, just having Laura on the committee as a resource of ideas would have been a win. But she also provided us with volunteers, kept score, helped fundraise, and was an advocate for the field improvements that were done at Emerson and Redcoats.

Sports Junction – Art and Tuck were great idea people for the committee. Even though they were one of our vendors, their experience with big tournaments like the ISC was important as we planned for park setup, souvenir offerings, and as a resource for items we needed throughout the tournament.

Marty McGuire
– One of the architects of all the previous big events at Emerson Park, Marty served as an advisor and also helped with the licensing piece of the tournament.

Gregg Sauve
– Being an active player, and manager, Gregg was able to provide unique insight into what was needed to run the tournament. Helping to fundraise, recruit volunteers, and assist in the park setup process, Gregg did a great job for the committee.

Sue Forbes – Taking on one of the most important jobs of the tournament, Sue coordinated the volunteer effort – recruiting, scheduling, follow-up, training…couple that with the hours that she spent at the park, and Sue truly was an MVP.

Pete Volk
– Pete handled the finances, tracking and reporting during the tournament. His ability to keep us on track and up to date with invoices, balances and necessary information was absolutely key to the process.

Brett Bechtel
– A jack of all trades for the entire tournament, Brett is a student at Northwood University who served as an intern during the process. Studying Sports Management, Brett was able to add some additional real-world experience to his academic endeavors.

Katie Ardouin – In addition to serving as the tournament photographer, Katie was instrumental in helping to organize and recruit our volunteer group.

Jeff Ryers – The website designer for our tournament site, Jeff brought a unique perspective to the process a former player, and a sports fan. He wanted to give visitors to the site a feel of professionalism for the tournament (and the sport) and he accomplished that goal. Constant improvements, additions, and quick response led to 20,000 visitors to the site from 50 states and 40 countries.

Leslie Benner – Leslie handled the coordination of the Opening Ceremonies, and kept everything flowing during that piece of the tournament. She was able to get as much content into a short period of time, which allowed all of the participants a chance to take part and be recognized.

Kathy Peariso and the Midland Special Olympics – In a thousand different ways, Kathy and her peers add so much to the lives of their athletes. We’re very grateful for their particicpation in the 2010 ISC World Tournament, your teams are welcome at any of our events whenever you’d like.

Final Thoughts:
The Host Committee is in the process of wrapping up all the final details….getting final invoices, preparing reports, detailing what went right, what we could have done better, and talking about what the future holds for events like this in the Midland Community. It really was a giant undertaking that made us appreciate the efforts that go on behind the scenes to make sporting events possible.

Congratulations go to the Cobourg Force, Scarborough Champion Indians, Wellington Sox and the Jarvis Travelers for their championship runs in Midland. There were unforgettable moments on the field from these teams and all the others, that helped to make the on-field product the true reason that everyone associated with the sport is so passionate towards.

The work was worth the reward – and that reward was becoming part of the ISC history, leaving our mark on softball in Midland, creating memories for teams, players and fans, and maybe even inspiring others to become involved at bigger levels than what their current participation allows them to. Thank you to all who came to Midland to be part of the 2010 ISC World Tournament.

See you at the ballpark in 2011,

Kyle Beane and David Lach
Co-Chair, Midland 2010 ISC Host Committee

19th Annual Missouri Boys’ High School Fastpitch Tournament – Oct 2-3 – Chillicothe, Missouri

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The 19th annual Missouri Boys’ High School Fastpitch Tournament will be held this Friday and Saturday at Danner Park in Chillicothe, Missouri.

There are currently 18 boys’ teams playing fastpitch in the NW corner of the state. A new bracket this year features a 13 team field.

The top 3 seeds receive a bye and then join everyone else in Friday night’s second round games.
Last year a consolation bracket was added and received many positive comments.

Click here for bracket.

Tournament Info below.
Map to Danner Park, Chillicothe, Missouri

See you at the ball park.

Eric Lewis
Winston High School
Chairman Boys’ State Softball

Editor’s note:
It occurs to me that in its 19th year and running — this tournament started before this year’s players were born. Great work, Missouri !

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Blue Jays manager a former fastpitch player

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Cito Gaston: A baseball life

Toronto Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston’s last home game as the team’s skip will be Wednesday night at the Rogers Centre.

As a youngster and a young major leaguer he was known as Clarence Gaston.

Home, back then, was 239 Belmont Street on the east side of San Antonio, Texas — a six-minute drive from the Alamo. Clarence had five sisters. They mostly called him “Brother”.

Here, in Toronto, where Gaston managed for 13 seasons, winning back-to-back World Series championships in 1992 and ’93, he’s just plain “Cito” — easily the most revered manager the Blue Jays ever had.

And, there have been a few.

Jim Fregosi excelled at Serra High School in San Mateo, Calif.

His school produced major leaguers Barry Bonds, Gregg Jefferies, Chuck Lofgren and Dan Serafini; NFL stars Tom Brady and Lynn Swann; USC coach John Robinson; CFL Hall of Famer Tom Scott; and the “best Serra athlete of them all,” according to Fregosi … “Me!”

Ex-manager Jimy Williams’ roots trace to the Cal State University Fresno Bulldogs.

His school produced major leaguers Matt Garza, Tom Goodwin, Dan Gladden, Bobby Jones and Terry Pendleton; NFLers David Carr and Trent Dilfer; NFL coach Mike Martz along with college coaches Lane Kiffin and Jerry Tarkanian.

John Gibbons was a former No. 1 pick in the 1980 draft from Douglas MacArthur high in San Antonio.

The MacArthur Brahmas also produced major leaguers Jerry Grote, Ken Pape and Jason Szuminski.

Another Jays manager played fast-pitch softball for the Alamo Bank in the Bankers League and then baseball for the Cardona Welders.

Clarence “Cito” Gaston is the only Alamo Bank and Cardona Welders grad to make the majors and then manage.

“Think hitting here is tough? Try hitting fast pitch from 45 feet,” Gaston says. “They can make the ball rise and sink, or start the ball at your ankles and have it wind up around the letters.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Salt Lake City UT Complex to be Named for Larry Miller

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

(From the official Larry Miller Softball Complex Facebook Page)

This Facebook page is intended to make you aware
there will be Renaming Ceremony on Friday October 1, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. to unveil new signage at the Larry H. Miller Regional Softball Complex, located at 1300 East 4400 South.

We encourage Larry’s former teammates and those that competed against Larry to share softball stories and photos on this page.

Earlier this year the Salt Lake County Mayor and Council approved a joint resolution renaming Cottonwood Softball Complex to Larry H. Miller Regional Softball Complex.

Larry demonstrated a lifelong passion for sports and especially demonstrated a passion for softball, as evidenced by his own personal commitment to the sport as a player, a fan and a sponsor of Miller Toyota, one of the world’s premier fast pitch softball teams.

Salt Lake County recognized Larry’s generosity and contributions to our community, and fitting tribute to identify by his name a Salt Lake County softball facility long associated with Larry Miller.

Mitchell ON Mets cap successful season with ISC Challenge Cup

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Veteran squad earns berth in 2011 ISC world tournament

By Andy Bader

For the first time ever, the Mitchell Mets – the longest-serving intermediate men’s fastball team in the South Perth Men’s Fastball League – have qualified for a berth in the International Softball Congress (ISC) world championships.

The squad, which has participated and won various provincial, Eastern Canadian, North American Fastpitch Association (NAFA) and ISC II tournaments, earned the right to participate in the elite world championships in Quad Cities, Iowa next August 12-20 thanks to their perfect 5-0 mark in the 12-team ISC Challenge Cup this past weekend on their home field.

The Mets were never really threatened in the process, using a powerful offensive display, fine pitching and airtight defence to win two games Sunday via the mercy rule after a 3-0 start Saturday, including the final, a 9-2 thrashing of the Ingersoll Crush in five-innings. Earlier, in the semi-final, the Mets exploded for six runs in the sixth to rip Ingersoll 12-4 and earn a berth in the final of the double-knockout tournament.
A five-run first inning in the final, keyed by a two-run home run by pickup Dale Levy of the Sebringville Sting and a two-run triple by Kevin Gettler, set the tone as the Mets crushed the Crush. Fred Follings, a pickup from Shakespeare Falcons, did the rest, earning his third win of the tournament.

Kevin Pomfret pitched a two-hit shutout to lead a 3-0 win over the Kitchener Selects Saturday morning, while A.J. Moses singled twice, walked and scored two runs. Matt McGill had a pair of RBI. Follings threw a no-hitter in the Mets’ 6-1 win over Mississauga immediately thereafter, allowing only an unearned run in the fourth while striking out 10. McGill’s two-run home run keyed a four-run top of the inning. Gettler singled, walked and scored twice while Darryl Eidt had a pair of RBI’s.

Click logo to read entire news story.

Members of the Mitchell ON Mets Championship team were:

A.J. Moses, Dennis Pauli, Steve Cook, Kevin Pomfret, Dale Levy, Kevin Quipp, Dave Falhaufer, Kevin Gettler, Bob Ward (manager). Front row (left): Kory Dietz, Jeff Pauli, Darryl Eidt, Joe Harris, Scott Lealess, Jamie Everett, Fred Follings, Bill Davidson. Absent was Matt McGill.

AAU Poll – Pitching Rule

Friday, September 24th, 2010

The AAU tournament held each January has always used 2 pitching rules, ISC and ISF. When an international team plays a North American team, the International team can require the North American team to use the ISF pitching rule which requires more restrictive movements. At the 2010 Peligro Cup in NYC, the individual pitchers got to choose their own style of pitching and one side could not determine the rules for both teams. In other words, an International pitcher could use the ISF rule and a North American pitcher could use the ISC rule in the same game.

What do you think?

Should the AAU change its pitching rule?
Let each pitcher throw the way he wants
Should be ISC rules only
Should be ISF rules only
Keep it the way it is free polls

Three JRW Fastpitch Players Make All-World at NAFA 45+

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Information courtesy of Jim Williamson

Carson City, NV …. Three players from the JRW Fastpitch Team were named First team All-World at the North American Fastpitch Assn Masters World Series in the 45-OVER division (Sept 17-19). Catcher Troy Grow, Second Baseman Jake Andreas and Pitcher Sam Aldridge were playing on the Ladner, BC team that lost 9-8 in the Championship game Sunday night.

Grow batted .500 and had 7 RBIs with one HR, Andreas batted .533 and had 6 RBIs and Aldridge was 2-2 with 24 K’s and an ERA of .251.

BC players on the All-World Team were SS Brian Manderville and Left Fielder Steve Pidwerbeski. Manderville batted .476 and had 8 RBI’s and Pidwerbeski batted .467, had 4 RBI’s and slugged a 3-Run Homer in the Championship game.

JRW & Associates Sponsor/Manager Jim Williamson coached the team.

Colton Dirtbags Tournament – October 16-17

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Info courtesy of Ernie Marez

1st Annual Conquistadors Men’s “ C” fast pitch tournament

* Hosted by Colton Dirt Bags
* October 16/17 2010
* Games played at Veterans Park Colton CA
* entry fee $350.00
* Contact information Tony Campa 909-824-1620 or Joaquin Juarez 909-915-4946

2010 Ontario Challenge Cup – Wrap Up

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

From our good friend Joe Todd:

On behalf of ISC Canada East- Vice President , Blair Setford and myself, I would like to congratulate the Mitchell Mets on winning the 2010 Ontario Challenge Cup held this past weekend in Mitchell. The Mets went 5-0 and with the perfect record came away with the Laverne Reichert Memorial Trophy and will receive a berth in the 2011 ISC World Tournament to be held in the Moline, Illinois next August. The finalist for the weekend were the Ingersoll Crush Who posted a 4 win – 2 loss record with both losses notched on the backs of the eventual champions , the Mitchell Mets

I would like to Thank our hosts for the weekend, Chairman Kory Dietz and the OHA Jr. C Hockey Team – the Mitchell Hawks who are also celebrating 45 years
of history for this storied franchise.

Some of the Movers and the Shakers with Kory were Jason Murray and Becky Eidt, who both did a marvelous job behind the scenes in keeping
Everything working like clock work. Also a big Hurrah to Arena Manager and Diamond Grooms person Rick Vivian. The players on the Hockey team
Were very visible on Saturday and assisted in the raking and keeping the Diamonds in tip/top Shape.

Also a big part of the tournament were the (4) scorekeepers, MaryBeth Gilbert, Kerrie Vosper, Marianne Stroh and Don Barr, who took care of all 23 games, With an experienced crew of Scorekeepers we were able To send in timely reports to Al Doran and Jim Flanagan to keep the people that were not able
To attend make them feel like they were just around the corner.

The Blue Crew lead by Umpire in Chief Paul Baier from Stratford, again did a marvelous job The Crew consisted of Chris Lamer, Jay Hart, Ed Otterman, Tim Whitelaw, Trevor Topping, Steve Kuhl, Moe Carde, Mike Clark and Dave Selden p.s. also a Thank you to Maryanne Baier who took some pictures That I am sure she will share later on in the week and also cooks a mean bowl of homemade Chicken Noodle Soup that I can vouch for .

And last by certainly not least, our experienced crew of Game Controllers , Sr. Game Controller Doug Bach stepped in for me on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night to allow me to attend a 35 year reunion of our Jr B team that won the OASA Crowns in both 1974 and 1975. The weather did not co-operate. On Saturday night while I was away but at the end of the day only one game was moved from late Saturday night had to be shuffled to a Sunday morning start time . The Game Controllers assisting Doug were Chris Bach, Jim Marr, and Jeff Whetstone.

Thank you to all the teams and leagues that participated in the 2010 OCC and to all the Fans that made the trip to Mitchell for our last fastball fix for 2010

Good Health in the off season and See you all in the Spring of 2011

Joe Todd
ISC Canada East Commissioner