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Aramark remains unbeaten

Friday, May 29th, 2009

YH-R Sports

YAKIMA, Wash. — Matt Ward went 3-for-3 and Sam Karr pitched a six-hitter as the Aramark Monsters ran their Yakima Men’s Fastpitch League record to 5-0 with a 16-5 victory Wednesday over JRW & Associates at Gateway Complex.

Brandon Tatro and Tim Fischer each hit two-run, inside-the-park homers for JRW (3-2).

Brian Thompson and Dan Huston combined to go 5-for-5 with six runs-batted-in to lift Peak Performance (1-4) to a 1-4 victory over Kimmel Athletic (2-3).

Aramark Monsters 013 75 — 16 11 2
JRW & Associates 021 02 — 5 6 2
Karr and Scheibner; Cauthron & Johnson.
Highlights: Matt Ward (AM) 3-3, 2 RBI; Jason Scheibner (AM) 2-3, 2 RBI; Brandon Tatro (JRW) 2-run home run; Tim Fischer (JRW) 2-run home run.

Kimmel Athletic 200 03 — 5 7 3
Peak Performance 045 03 — 12 11 0
George, Foster (5) and Call, George (5); Fickle and Parnham.
Highlights: Jonathan Ripplinger (KA) 2-run HR; Dan Huston (PP) 2-2, 3 RBI; Brian Thompson (PP) 3-3, 3 RBI.

Best of the West profile – Pueblo Bandits

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Best of the West – May 30-31

This is the eleventh in a series of team profiles for teams competing in this year’s Best of the West tournament.

Thanks to Chris Santos for this information:

Pueblo Bandits Roster

#45 Jeremy Manley – Pitcher
#12 Jerry Santos – Catcher
#13 Tommy Botkins – 1st base
# 4 Nick Santos – 2nd base
#44 Mike Kelley – 3rd base
#22 Jeremiah Perez – Shortstop
#6 Shawn Vanduvall – left Field
#2 Jason Shea – centerfield
#20 Chuck Smith – rightfield
#33 Allen West – INF/OF
#10 Gerald Gomez – Pitcher
#32 Tyson Byrne – INF
#43 Mark Aranda – OF

#21 Mike Santos – coach
#25 Chris Santos – manager

As always we only carry 12-13 players, this weekend our backup pitcher Gerald Gomez was not available so Jeremy Manley will pitch all weekend. We will only have 10 players this weekend as Mark Aranda of Albuquqerque is unavailable as well as New Zealand infielder Tyson Byrne who will not arrive in the US until late June. This is our first time in Santa Barbara and we are very excited to join the other Western Region teams in a good weekend of fastball.

-Chris Santos

Best of the West team profiles – 10 Down, 5 to Go

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Best of the West – May 30-31

Click here to view all of the team profiles posted to date for the 2009 Best of the West tournament.

So far, we have received and posted profiles for 10 of the 15 teams in this year’s Best of the West. We’d like to have one for all of you, so if you’re among the teams not yet posted, please send one to jim (at) fastpitchwest (dot) com. Just a roster and a paragraph or two about the team would be great. (See others for samples)

MIA: (please send)

SantaCecelia, Mexicali, Mexico
Bandits, Pueblo, CO
InnovativeCommunications, Lehi, Utah
Coyotes, Beaumont, CA
C.R.Rockers, Portland, Oregon

Teams who have submitted a profile shown in bold:
(if you’re not among those with profile posted, be sure to send it in)

1. SantaCecelia, Mexicali, Mexico
2. Hostilez,Morongo Reservation
3. Bandits, Pueblo, CO
4. Tri-County, Santa Barbara, CA
5. ISC II #32 InnovativeCommunications, Lehi, Utah
6. Coyotes, Beaumont, CA
7. Taylor Farms Athletics, Salinas, CA
8. SilverHawks, Bakersfield, CA
9. ISC II #6 Rude Pac, Sun Valley, CA
10. SoCal Tribes,San Jacinto, CA

11. ISC II #15 C.R.Rockers, Portland, Oregon
12. Young Bucks,Santa Barbara, CA
13. Black Sox, Long Beach, CA

14. Team Pape Pirates, Walnut Creek, CA
15. ISC II #37 Maccabi USA

Best of the West team profile – Santa Barbara Young Bucks

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Best of the West – May 30-31

This is the tenth in a series of team profiles for teams competing in this year’s Best of the West tournament.

Thanks to Clyde Bennett for this information (and for his work in hosting the tournament)

The Young Bucks are defending National Champion 23 and under(NAFA). We will be at a big disadvantage this weekend since 4 of our best players are playing with other teams and 2 other starters have to work Sat. Also our pitcher Guido Silbert is still in school in Barcelona Spain. However we still want the competition of this tournament to prepare us for the nationals

Larry Watts Jr
Joe Kock
Lumar Goss
Buddy Armijo
Joel Lange
Danyl Dondero
Michael Watts
Eric Sander
Jacob Venzor
Josh Venzor
Eric Smalling
John Diekman
Matt Bando

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Revision to Best of the West playoff schedule

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Best of the West – May 30-31

Thanks to Rudy Montanez of Rude Pac for pointing out that when I distributed my 2nd version of the Sunday playoff brackets, there were some oversights on my part in regards to the optimal Sunday pairings to reward and recognize Saturdays results.

After reviewing Rudy’s suggestions, I agree with his assessment. Therefore, I am publishing one final version of the Sunday match-ups, which are listed below.

I have also attached a PDF document to this email, with the actual visual brackets for Sunday’s play-off games, to provide more clarity, for everyone.

Game 23 8:00 AM @ Elings Park Field 1 – 13th Place Vs 4th Place
Game 24 8:00 AM @ Elings Park Field 2 – 10th Place Vs 7th Place
Game 25 8:00 AM @ Elings Park Field 3 – 8th Place Vs 9th Place
Game 26 8:00 AM @ Pershing Park – 11th Place Vs 6th Place
Game 27 9:45 AM @ Elings Park Field 2 – 2nd Place Vs 15th Place
Game 28 9:45 AM @ Elings Park Field 3 – 3rd Place Vs 14th Place
Game 29 9:45 AM @ Pershing Park – 5th Place Vs 12th Place
Game 30 9:45 AM @ Elings Park Field 1 – (Quarterfinal) W Game 23 Vs W Game 24
Game 31 11:30 AM @ Elings Park Field 2(Quarter-Final) W Game 27 Vs W Game 26
Game 32 11:30 AM @ Elings Park Field 1 (Quarter-Final) 1st Place Vs W Game 25
Game 33 11:30 AM @ Elings Park Field 3 (Quarter-Final) W Game 28 Vs W Game 29
Game 34 1:15 PM @ Elings Park Field 2 (SemiFinals) W Game 30 Vs W Game 31
Game 35 1:15 PM @ Elings Park Field 1 (Semi-Finals) W Game 32 Vs W Game 33
Game 36 3:00 PM @ Elings Park Field 1 (Championship) W Game 34 vs W Game 35

Also, please Note:

Due to the fact that there are 15 teams, one team (The Young Bucks) will only play 2 games on Saturday, while the other 14 teams will each play 3. Therefore…if the Young Bucks win both games on Saturday, they will be at the bottom placing of the other teams with 2-1 records.

If they split their two games, they will be at the bottom spot of the other teams with 1-2 records. If the Young Bucks lose both games, they will end up in 15th Place, at the bottom spot among the teams with an 0-3 record.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the fields.

Dave Blackburn

Best of the West team profile – Long Beach Black Sox

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Best of the West – May 30-31

This is the ninth in a series of team profiles for teams competing in this year’s Best of the West tournament.

Thanks to Fred Hanker for this information:

The Black Sox currently first in the SCIFL will bring a majority of their players to The Best of the West. Team ace Ron Rupp with a 14-3 record and a 2.22 ERA leads the pitching staff. Rupp also has an impressive 90 strikeouts and 13 walks in 110 innings.Rupp can also hit showing an .356 average. Todd Budke recognized as one of the best hitters in the world is hitting .408 with 3 HR and 18 RBI. Budke also post a 4.55 ERA as a pitcher with a 1-1 record. Sox owner Fred Hanker leads the team in hitting with a .464 average with 4 HR and 41 RBI. Jason Obregon has been the Sox catalyst all year in the leadoff spot. Obregon is hitting .427 with 3 HR and 21 RBI. Chris Paiva has been a pleasant surprise for Long Beach. More known for his defense Paiva is hitting .373 with 24 RBI. Steady veteran Dave Demaio is batting .340 and on his way to his best year as a Sox player. Two veteran players from The Panteras join Long Beach this weekend. Eli Salazar and Jimmy Buentello will help bolster the Sox offense and defense. Salazar joins Long Beach for the third time after 2 impressive performances in Beaumont and The Best of the West last year. Buentello is a respected hitter and noted as one of the best in Southern California. Sox all time winning pitcher Randy Clay brings a 4-2 record into Santa Barbara. He is in the top 5 in every career Sox pitching category. Sox veteran Chris Minogue is off to a slow start but is one of the best hitters in Sox history. He is in the top 5 of every major hitting category.

Sox Roster

Manager Fred Hanker
Catcher Fred Hanker
Pitcher/Inf Ron Rupp
Pitcher Randy Clay
Inf/Pitcher Todd Budke
Inf Chris Paiva
Inf Jason Obregon
Inf Jimmy Buentello
Of Dave Demaio
Of Eli Salazar
Of Chris Minogue

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Meet Me Near St. Louie

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Well, maybe not me, but the City of Edwardsville, located near St. Louis, which is hosting a tournament July 10-12, 2009. Thanks to Hayley McGuire for the information:


The City of Edwardsville Parks & Recreation Department is now taking registration for our men’s Fastpitch softball tournament. The City tournament, which is named after the late Recreation Supervisor Harold McGauley, is back for its 12th year. The men’s Fastpitch tournament is held on July 10th, July 11th, and July 12th.

This double-elimination tournament is limited to the first 12 teams to apply. The registration fees are $200 per team with a registration deadline of June 12, 2009. There will be an additional $40 late fee if paid after June 12th. Teams who have not paid after June 19, 2009 will be dropped from the tournament. This year the City of Edwardsville is pleased to again be awarding the Team Sportsmanship Award in honor of Tony Dycus. The teams will vote which team shows respect, ethics, and fairness throughout the tournament.

To register on-line and for more information about the Harold McGauley 12th Annual Men’s Fastpitch Softball Tournament, visit the City of Edwardsville website at, go to City Departments and Parks & Recreation. You may also call the park office at 618.692.7538 and a registration form can be mailed to you.

View Larger Map
(Drag the map down to see Edwardsville or link to view larger map)

ISC # 12 and #19 at Best of the West

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Best of the West – May 30-31

Fastpitch fans will get a first look at the #12 Pueblo Bandits as well as the # 19 California A’s this weekend at the Best of the West tournament in Santa Barbara, . New Zealander Jeremy Manley, one of the top pitchers in the game, returns to his US roots, with the Bandits, after a stint with Broken Bow and the Midwest Stampede. Manley is always among the strikeout leaders in any tournament, and should make #12 ranked Pueblo among the teams to beat this weekend at BotW.

As noted in our comments yesterday, the # 19 ranked California A’s, is made up of most of the players from the 2008 ISC II champion California Lumberking, including 2008 ISC II MVP Dave Drotzmann and Mike Egerdeen, bolstered by a group of talented ISC World tournament players, including Team USA’s Nate Devine, Steve Pinnochio, and pitcher Travis Price. Price will be with the Vancouver Grey Sox during the regular season and at the ISC World tournament, but is pitching with the A’s at BotW. The A’s will have the services of a well known ISC World Tournament pitcher to join Drotzmann and Egerdeen at the WT in Quad Cities this summer.

Former Professional baseball players at Best of the West:

In addition to the Lumberkings, several other of Californi’as top players will be at the Best of the West, tournament. Todd Budke and Fred Hanker will be with the Long Beach Black Sox. Budke is among the premier hitters in the game, while player-manager Hanker’s diet and training regimen has made him a shadow of his former self, figuratively speaking, and playing shape reminiscent of his pro baseball days, giving the Sox a potent 1-2 punch in the middle of their batting order. Both played baseball professionally. Budke ranks in the top 20 of all ISC World Tournament hitters over the past seven years, in batting average (16th with .350 average) and home runs (tie, 20th), as well as several other offensive categories. This feat is more remarkable considering that those seven years are as he approached age 40 and omits his younger years at the World Tournament. Click here to view a YouTube clip of Budke’s picture postcard swing as he triples into the gap at the AAU Tournament.

A third former pro baseball player at Best of the West is Brian Teeters, who as talked out of “retirement” by the Bakersfield Silverhawks. Anyone that saw Teeters play at the ISC II T of C knows there is a lot of game left in him. Twice in the playoff round in that tournament, Teeters homered, just when the Lumberkings appeared on the brink of elimination, including a 2 run shot in the 6th inning of their semi-final game against the powerful NY Knights, that catapulted the Lumberkings into the finals against Ontario Canada’s Waterdown Hammer.

All three of these players can elevate the level of play for their respective teams, and will be among the players to watch this weekend at Santa Barbara.

Kitchener Rivershark Twins stay atop ISC rankings

Friday, May 29th, 2009

With few, if any, of the top 10 teams having played this season, there is little change at the top of the June 1 ISC rankings.

Rank Team Name
1 Kitchener Rivershark Twins

2 Broken Bow Patsy’s
3 The Farm
4 Aspen Interiors
5 Midwest Stampede
6 Jarvis Gamblers
7 Vancouver Grey Sox
8 Allbaugh, Inc
9 Midland Explorers
10 Dominican Republic
11 St. Thomas Centennials
12 Pueblo Bandits
13 NY Gremlins
14 Kegel Black Knights
15 Dolan & Murphy
16 Owen Sound
17 Quad City Sox
18 Saskatoon D’Backs
19 California A’s
20 Bar of Appleton
21 Bar of Green Bay
22 Thomson Merchants
23 Ashland Mets
24 Larry Miller Hogs
25 Winterset A’s

Best of the West team profile – California Athletics – Taylor Farms

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Best of the West – May 30-31

This is the eighth in a series of team profiles for teams competing in this year’s Best of the West tournament.

Thanks to Ron Guzman for this information:

California Athletics – Taylor Farms

Ron Guzman Manager
David Weldin Coach

Dave Drotzmann P
Mike Egerdeen P
Travis Price P

Jeff Twist C
Pat Fuentes INF
Marcus Tan INF
Kevin Castillo INF
Steve Pinocchio INF
Eddie Martin INF
James Close INF/OF
Chase Turner INF/OF
Shawn Mandolesi OF
Nate Devine OF
David Kimura OF
Jason Porto OF
Mandolesi, Shawn OF

Editor’s notes: Readers will recognize a good portion of that lineup as the champions of the ISC II division, from last year’s Tournament of Champions. Mix that with batch of front line ISC World tournament players, from the So Cal Bombers, (Devine, Kimura and Pinocchio) , two members of Team Rainey (Porto and Turner) plus Minn Dak Miller pitcher Travis Price, who returns to his roots in California, and you have quite a potent lineup here. Turner, coincidentally was last year’s Best of the West MVP for the defending Best of the West champions, Team Rainey.

This will be the first look we’ve had at the squad that has its sights set on the ISC World Tournament in Quad Cities.

Here’s how the roster breaks down:

From the (ISC II champion) California Lumberkings:

Ron Guzman Manager
David Weldin Coach
Dave Drotzmann P
Mike Egerdeen P
Jeff Twist C
Pat Fuentes INF
Marcus Tan INF
Kevin Castillo INF
Eddie Martin INF
James Close INF/OF
Mandolesi, Shawn OF

From Last year’s (ISC) So Cal Bombers

Steve Pinocchio INF
Nate Devine OF
David Kimura OF

From Last year’s (ISC) Team Rainey

Chase Turner INF/OF
Jason Porto OF

From Last year’s (ISC) Minn Dak Millers

Travis Price P

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